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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly
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The reserve-Museum of Abay in Semey, became an industry leader

According to the results of the national business rating of Kazakhstan, the reserve-museum of Abai in Semey became the "Industry leader of 2013".

 The Certificate "Industry Leader" is presented annually to only those agencies and businesses that made a special contribution to the social development of Kazakhstan's economy, reports Altaynews.kz

  The National Certificate and the wall medal of the winners of independent national competition will now adorn the office of the director of the State Historical, Cultural and Memorial Museum-Reserve of Abai.

  For us, this award was a complete surprise, admitted Meiramgul Kayrambaeva, the leading researcher of the museum. – it is mainly because the selection is made by the highest rated company, while nobody involved in the enrollment, it makes this reward more valuable.

  Last year, the reseve-museum of Abai held a number of major theoretical and practical conferences, including a joint conference with the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the 85th anniversary of Zaki Akhmetov and 155th anniversary of Shakarim Kudaiberdiev. During the year, the scientific staff of the museum conducted the publishing activities. They published a facsimile edition of the poetry collection of Shakarim “The Kazakh Mirror” (1912). The publication contains a word for word translation of poems in Russian. The collection of articles of the scientific staff of museum on various topics was also published. One of the works of the author Karla Ibragimova, dedicated to the research activities of the party "Alash", proceeded to the second round of the national competition of scientific articles on the history of the party. In addition, the Scientific Library was replenished by the publications “Memories of Abay” and “Memories of Shakarim” as well as with the fifth volume of the series “Museum exhibits of Abai” and several guides to the departments and branches of the museum.