If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The national crafts have been revived in North Kazakhstan

Students in the village Novoishimsk made ​​their own Kazakh musical instruments and household items. The local artisan Kosherbay Kasimov taught them.

 The master was engaged in the woodcarving since childhood and now devolves his knowledge to children. At first it was his hobby but today it his work, reports 24.kz

  The technology teacher Kosherbay Kassymov is a repairperson: he can construct dombra, kobyz, astau and many more. He opened the woodcarving society, where he devolves his knowledge, in the Novoishimsk village.

Kosherbaev Kasymov, head of the society:

  - My goal is to educate the younger generation that they appreciated the art of ancestors that that kept the traditions for centuries. I wish that they wouldcontinuethistradition.

  During his life, master has made a several hundred national instruments. They all sound different. Students try not to miss a class, because every time they learn something new.

  Arman Tayzhan, student of the Novoishimsk Kazakh School:

  - In the future, I will be able to show the kids what I did as a child, what kind of things I did. I want my future children to do the same. We are trying to learn everything that our teacher knows.

    A teacher knows much more, and so the plan of Kosherbay Kassymov is to open the mini-workshop. He received a grant from the state and has already acquired machines. Soon the production of the national instruments will be established in the Novoishimsk village.