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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

A memorial evening devoted to the deceased masters of the pen was held in Astana

A memorial evening devoted to the deceased masters of the pen was held in Astana - e-history.kz
A memorial evening, which was held in Astana, became the evening of confessions of love for the deceased masters of the pen.

The organizers of the second event: the national public, social and cultural movement "Uly Dala Қyrandary", Akimat of Astana, the association "TugelMedia" and the Republican journal "Zhurnalister alemy." A mastermind of the meeting was first representative of the mayor of capital city, the successful publisher, member of the Club of editors, Sadybek Tugel.

The memories of Bakytbay Shakhanov, Yerbol Shaimerdenov, Dukenbay Doszhanovwere, Vladimir Gundarev, Asken Nabiyev, Andrey Trishechkin, Sabyrzhan Shukirov, Marfug Bektimirov, Natalia Khabarova, and Ivan Boluchevskiy, were filled with warmth and love. The colleagues and admirers of those brightest representatives of the journalistic profession were standing at the stage. The poems, songs and videos were presented in their honor. The design of the place was performed in order to preserve the peace of the indissoluble unity of those who were in the hall, and those whose portraits were presented at the stage. Itwasachieved. Nobodywantedtoleave.

The evening that was planned for a maximum of two hours, was held for 4 hours. It was not surprising. Indeed, every single hero of the meeting: our dear Romanich (Vladimir Romanovich Gundarev), the writer Asken Nabiev, the journalist Andrew Trishechkin who has devoted his art to the people from the rural land, and a longtime friend of “Kazakshtan Pravda” Ivan Yakovlevich, are worthy of a separated evening, and a personal dedication-study.

It seems that only recently we were able to sit down at a table, laugh, joke, talk "for life", to share creative plans with them. Now we could only reread their undying lines that keep the heat of our deceased friends.

"Face to face and you cannot see the face. Something big could be seen from a distance". The scorching sense of Yesenin words pierce the heart during such meetings, when you are not able to hug a friend. Nor shake his hand or say a kind word.

Valentina Frolova wrote about this evening in the material “The common thread of names” in the “Kazakhstan Pravda”.