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Kazakhstan’s map of 1638 is published

Kazakhstan’s map of 1638 is published - e-history.kz
Kazakhstan known political scientist Yerlan Karin published the map of 1638 year, which contains the territory of present Kazakhstan

He says he found that map in one of the US archives.

The political scientist published his finding on a social network page and wrote that it was made in Frankfurt in 1638. "Look, what a wonderful thing I found before my visit to the USA, a few months in advance I phoned to American friends and with their help found another ancient map of Kazakhstan. This map was printed in 1638 in Frankfurt. Before, we had a copy of it, now the original is in our hands" - writes Yerlan Karin. The map clearly marked historical names of the time, the names of localities and territorial units as "Nogay", "Ak Orda", "Kazakhs-Tatars", "Dzungaria", etc.

This discovery of the political scientist, who is particularly interested in the heritage of Alash and the Kazakh history, social network users highly appreciated.