If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly


Today the presentation of the book “NDH DIGECT” in the format of Twinbook was held in National Academic Library of Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana, organized by Turan College and “Kazcontent” JSC.

The new edition was published thanks to the fruitful work of the team of the National Digital History of “Kazcontent” JSC. The Internet project works towards rethinking of the history of Kazakhstan and promoting it in the electronic platform, that’s why it is rich with exciting and informative historical materials. The twinbook was published thanks to the financial support of a famous Kazakhstani entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a recipient of the order “Kurmet”, a public figure and professor Oralbek Botbay.

Social activists, professional historical scholars, college staff and students of Turan College, the team of “Kazcontent” JSC and media representatives took part in the presentation.

General public attention to the book was represented by Omirbek Baygeldy, a public figure, and Orazak Smagulov, a founder of the Kazakh anthropology and a famous scholar.

During his speech Omirbek Baygeldy wished the compilers of the book to publish more historical and informative writings.

– For the country that has recently achieved his independence, it is very important to have a lot of historical data. That’s because the generation is developing. People, who saw the past, heard and read about it, pass away. The next generation is coming. They need knowledge. They must receive information about their history. Therefore books must be published in time. So we must be glad for the edition of the collection by NDH.

I looked through the book, it is easy to read, and it comprises a great number of interesting and informative materials. Nowadays one can hardly find poorly educated people. If we look back in my days there were lots of them. There seem to be literate people but they do not have enough knowledge to tell something special.  That’s why we need such readable books for a wide audience. Until recently our scholars have studied the works of foreign authors.

Our history was written referring to their materials. Most of the materials turned out to be false and fabricated. The time to find the truth has come. It is necessary to research and tell an authentic history. This is the reason why we need such books.

The collection covers different topics; it is published both in the Kazakh and in the Russian languages. It includes the materials on the history, the ethnography, the Kazakh diaspora, the ethnology of Kazakhstan, the political history, the repression period, and also the articles devoted to “Tugan Zher” (Motherland), “Sacral Kazakhstan” which were given in the program article “Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity” by President Nazarbayev N.. In addition the collection includes interviews with well-known historians and local ethnographers.

Oralbek Botbay, a sponsor of the book “NDH digest”, says: “We are here today to present the book “NDH digest” that brings together the historical articles. This is the first collection published in the series of “Library of DGH”.  

I was born at the foot of the Mount Karatau on the bank of the River Boralday.  If we look at the today’s state of our history, it may seem that it has gone into the abyss of the ocean and cannot get out. Next generation can make acquaintance with the history only on such meetings.  As our President said each citizen of Kazakhstan had to take his course towards the future, be sacred renewed, learn the history, the culture and ethnography of his country. For this purpose we together with the portal “the History of Kazakhstan” published such a valuable book. We hope the book will have further continuation.

Valuable information, maps, manuscripts concerning the history of our country began to appear from the foreign archives. We will include them to the next editions of the book. Historic sites, plains and mountains, lakes and rivers and other places of any country are represented with historical points. All of them are marks in the history which have illustrated our past.

Within the framework of the presentation there was shown the second documentary film from the cycle “Kiyrdagy kazaktar”, it is about the life of the Kazakh diaspora in Uzbekistan. The exhibition of national applied arts also took place, organized by the students of Turan College on specialty design.

The collection is aimed at the general public: historians, students and everyone who takes interest in the national history.