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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Surprise the guests of EXPO

Surprise the guests of EXPO - e-history.kz
The Museum-Library of a Leader of the Nation opens the diversity and richness of its funds to residents and visitors of "Expo 2017"

In the museum-library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy, in the historic halls of the working residence of Head of State, where a new strategy for the state development of independent Kazakhstan was developed and put into practice, the series of thematic fund exhibitions “Unveiling Future Energy!” dedicated to the international specialized exhibition “EXPO 2017” was held.

Fund exhibitions are organized within the framework of the museum program "Museum Collection" in order to show fine examples of Kazakh culture in the context of world historical and cultural heritage. The value of the presented collections is that they formed as a result of the multifaceted activity of the First President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, who realizes the concept of modern statehood on the basis of constructive cooperation with the world community.

The event is large-scale - museum guests got acquainted with fund exhibitions such as: "Masterpieces of the Great Steppe", where samples of arts and crafts of Kazakhstan masters are presented, as well as items from other collections of the museum collection, which reflected the spiritual and aesthetic heritage of Nomads of the Great Steppe civilization. In particular, the exhibition materials will familiarize with such inalienable symbols of traditional culture as Kazakh jewelry from silver, household items and horse equipment made of leather and felt, souvenir compositions. A special place among the exhibits was occupied by the works of art of recognized domestic masters of fine art.

It is in painting that the artists of Kazakhstan reveal the beauty of the great steppe, mighty mountains, and magnificent forests.

Silver in the culture of many peoples occupies a special place, due to beauty, "magic" properties and functionality. Collection of diplomatic gifts from silver, presented at different times to N.A. Nazarbayev is diverse in its content and illustrates the multi-vector foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Silver products, which are presented at the exhibition "Eternal Sunshine of Silver" reflect the geography of the origin of objects, various manufacturing techniques, the shape of products, allow to better understand and study the traditional ways of decoration inherent in this or that people of the world.

The exhibition "World Musical Instruments" was the first to present a collection of musical instruments of different countries and eras to the general public. Music has no boundaries. All nations and peoples understand the solemn music, the music of love, and the music of friendship and mutual understanding. Musical instruments provide the key to understanding cultures and civilization types. In particular, in the traditional musical instruments of the Kazakh people - kobyz and dombyra - many meanings, cultural "codes" of the spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people are concentrated.

Also, the exhibition "Olympic Movement", the only one of its kind, continues to show the general public sports achievements of independent Kazakhstan on the basis of the personal funds of the Olympic champions, the archive and the leaders of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The presented exposition results of the research program of the library, the museum collection, introduces a wide range of scientific and useful information about the most interesting layers of the world cultural heritage, vividly demonstrating the multi-faceted policy of Kazakhstan.

Ambassadors of a number of states, representatives of diplomatic missions, scientific and creative intelligentsia of our country became guests of the opening ceremony of the series of fund exhibitions. In a word, all those who are interested in the history, cultural heritage and art of the Kazakh people.

This cycle contains materials, many of which are first presented to a wide audience of our country. Determining what kind of collections should be shown to the participants and guests of EXPO-2017, the organizers were guided first of all by the idea of ​​showing fine examples of Kazakh culture in the context of the world's historical and cultural heritage.

In his welcome speech, the First Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Amirkhan Rakhimzhanov emphasized that the diversity of the multi-ethnic Kazakhstan society is vividly and fully revealed through the means of art, artistic images and music. Each of the three collections presented today can tell a lot about Kazakhstan to the participants and guests of EXPO-2017.

In the opinion of Valentina Ryabova, Methodist of the Palace of Schoolchildren named after M. Utemisov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences - the main goal of the exhibition is to show the multifaceted life and activities of our Leader of the Nation.

"Thanks to his active work in the world community, we were able today to see masterpieces not only of the national art of Kazakhstan, but also masterpieces of the art of the world community. First of all, I was very impressed by the hall, which showed us musical instruments from different countries. Of course, I, as a true Kazakh, first of all paid attention to our national instruments. Kobyz touched all the strings of my heart. I once again touched our national instrument - dombyra. And, of course, I was surprised by the variety of musical instruments of different countries - Turkey, Egypt, Japan, etc. I again was proud of my native Kazakhstan, and of course, our young capital.

I'm a teacher; I work with children all my life, with the younger generation of Kazakhstan. Our main task is to educate an intelligent nation, competitive students, who today must build a new Kazakhstan. The theme of today's exhibition is very important in the formation and education of intercultural communication for the younger generation. All the examples that we saw today in the exposition will contribute to friendship in the world community," said Valentina Ivanovna.

The series of fund exhibitions "Unveiling Future Energy!" will last until August 31.

We recall that Kazakhstan has been a member of the International Exhibition Bureau since 1997 and has been actively participating in EXPO since 2005. At the World Expo-2015 in Milan, the national pavilion of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the title "Kazakhstan. Country of Opportunity" entered the top three pavilions in the nomination "The best disclosure of the topic and content."

Of course, a lot of hope is associated with the holding of EXPO-2017. All of us with special trepidation prepare for this important event, for the meeting of the guests.


Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA