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‘Animated’ masterpieces of Kazakh painting

 ‘Animated’ masterpieces of Kazakh painting - e-history.kz
Art Gallery ‘Zhaukhar’ created animated version of Sakhi Romanov’s painting ‘Peizazh’ from the private collection and was presented to the public in Almaty.

The event is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of S.Romanova (1926-2002), painter and graphic artist and it was the first painting under the project on digitization and animation of famous works of Kazakh art. The premiere of video demonstration of Kazakhstan art paintings was held in Kaznet with support of Forbes.kz. 

‘The main idea was the following. If we try an experiment and search for the works by our Kazakhstan artists in the Internet, you will be disappointed — there are not any of them. It is very sad and unfair, because our masterpieces are unique. We have something to be proud of and to delight us and the world. The animation genre allows run-through to be exciting for people of all ages’. 

 It is not easy to revive paintings and represent the core emotions of the author’s version, to introduce viewers on the territory of history, where the painting is a stop-frame, a captured moment. But IT-professionals managed to turn static painting of last century canvases in a fascinating show accompanied by folk music, which creates unique mood, emphasizes the diversity and peculiarities of every artist’s work. Interpretation of the paintings made by professional animators help the audience to see the paintings in a new way and with keen interest. 

 Art Gallery ‘Zhaukhar’ plans to continue completion of video virtual collection on great masters’ paintings. The project ‘Vivid masterpieces of Kazakhstan art’ is visualization of the best paintings by artists of Kazakh art from the private collection of ‘Zhaukhar’ in the format FullHD, which allows to immerse in the world of outstanding artists. 

 Moreover, masterpieces of famous artists will be available in copies with high color scale (variance in color does not exceed two percent) with resolution of 7 gigapixels. You can see tiny details — brush strokes, cracks in the paintings at such resolution.