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The Huns Engaged in Fighting with the Alans

The Huns Engaged in Fighting with the Alans - e-history.kz
The National Museum held a presentation of the beautiful work, written from the painting of the Austrian artist Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger ‘The Huns engaged in fighting with the Alans’.

The National Museum held a presentation of the beautiful work, written from the painting of the Austrian artist Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger ‘The Huns engaged in fighting with the Alans’. 

 Director Darkhan Mynbay brought to notice the peculiarities of the picture and talked about the battle scenes depicted on the painting at the presentation.

 ‘It is a painting by Austrian artist Peter Johan Nepomuk Gaygerrom known mainly as the illustrator of the Austrian history was painted in 1873. The value of this work, glorifying the valor of our ancestors, is especially significant for our people. It shows a battle between two warring tribes — the Huns and Alans. As you can see, the warriors of those times masterfully use darkan (a rope) during a battle. Baigeldi Omirbek specially brought the painting from France and donated it to the National Museum in the framework of A Gift to the National Museum campaign. Later on, the local artists worked together to fulfill its enlarged copy’, DarkhanMynbay said. 

 The state and public figure Baigeldi Omirbek focused on features and some details of the picture. 

‘We did a lot of research. And as it turned out, this picture has a profound content. However, in some places the author made a mistake. But this is natural. It is not easy to know all the nuances of other people’s stories, not everyone will be able to portray the historical past of such valiant people as the Kazakhs. The army of our glorious ancestor Edige, armed with only one chimbur, triumphed over their enemies. The Kazakhs made a chimbur from the mane and tail of horses, and it served for a long time, it did not rip and it did decompose. But when one flings it about he should not wrap it around the arm, because it could tear off the hand. But as the picture is painted by the person from a different culture, it is a great creation’, said Baigeldi Omirbek. 

 Uly Dala Eli in the World of Art project also presented Anyrakay Battle canvas (by A. Zhamhan), depicting a landmark battle in the liberation struggle of the Kazakh people against Jungars.