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Tair Mansurov presented a painting to the National Museum

Tair Mansurov presented a painting to the National Museum - e-history.kz
‘Gift to the National Museum’ with the aim to draw attention to the urgent problems of preservation of historical and cultural heritage started in Astana in 2015.

State and public figure, diplomatic official, historian, PhD Tair Mansurov presented a painting ‘Burkitshi’ to the museum from his own collection in the framework of action ‘Gift to the National Museum’.

 Minister of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly speaking about Tair Mansurov at the opening ceremony noted his active position and expressed his gratitude for the unique gift. 


 ‘The value of this painting is very high and we are glad that it is presented to the National Museum. I want to express gratitude to Tair Mansurov for such a precious gift. He is always at his best whatever field of public service he has worked. The public knows him as a person who cares for history and historical-cultural heritage of people’,- A.Mukhamediuly said. 

 Prominent state and public figure Tair Mansurov said about the important role of this action and wished success in the further work of the Museum. 


 ‘I believe that the action ‘Gift to the National Museum’ is a unique project of the National Museum. About 2 thousand exhibits were collected during one year. I want to contribute to this action and present this painting to the Museum. The painting is called ‘Burkitshi’ and has a long and interesting history. I believe it will be among the most valuable exhibits of the Museum. I wish success to the National Museum’, - T.Mansurov said. 

 The painting demonstrates the art of Kazakh hunter-berkutchi invited to the coronation of Alexander II (1855). The Emperor Alexander II is in the background. 


 ‘Gift to the National Museum’ was supported by famous people, collectors and relatives of the famous historical figures. The event is also held in Almaty, Kyzylorda, Aktobe and Shymkent.