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Opening of the exhibition 'Kamil Mullashev’s Retrospective. My times'

Opening of the exhibition 'Kamil Mullashev’s Retrospective. My times' - e-history.kz
On July 1, an exhibition of Kamil Mullashev was opened on the eve of Capital Day’s celebration at the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

Kamil Mullashev is the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the People’s Artist and the Laureate of Gabdulla Tukai State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan, winner of the Silver Medal of the French Academy of Arts and academician of the Chinese Academy of Arts. 

 Kamil Mullashev’s artworks are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Kasteyev State Museum of Arts and also in many private collections in Kazakhstan and foreign collections in the Unites States of America, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Turkey, China and other. 

 About 60 works reflecting the main periods of his creation were presented in the exhibition. His works are landscapes, still-life paintings, psychological and historical portraits, sculptures and graphics.

 The Director of the National Museum Darkhan Mynbay distinguished the uniqueness and artistic value of Kamil Mullashev’s works and also noted widely famous painting «Aura of tenderness», which shows traditions of Kazakh people. 


 «Aura of tenderness». 2000, oil on canvas


 Deputy Akim of Astana Amanshayev Ermek Amirkhanovich admired the artist’s talent, his ability to work with paints, noted that Kamil Mullashev was an artist from God and thanked Darkhan Mynbay for organization of such exhibitions. 


 Nefedov Viktor Leonidovich, head of Russian Center for Science and Culture mentioned no less important merit of the artist.


 -He is a Laureate of Lenin Komsomol Prize and it is worth a lot. Viktor Leonidovich knows it well, because I was the First Secretary of Orenburg Regional Committee of Komsomol and saw what difficult way artists went through to become a laureate. 

 He succeeded as a personality in the Soviet Union and abroad, in China, devoted to social activities of the Tatar movement in Kazakhstan and continues to work a lot in Kazakhstan. 

Author of the exhibition Kamil Mullashev told about distinctive features of his works.


 -I specially coincided this exhibition with Astana Day. Astana occupies a large place in my works. 


«Reflections are floating». 2011, oil on canvas

 -Overall, my works are made in different styles, I try to move with the time, opening of another hall «New Vision» can be evidence of that. In future I would like to paint pictures with unknown content to me, because we live in a world of great opportunities. If people dreamt to cross through the mountains, seas and oceans earlier, now they strive to know Solar System and the Galaxy,-Kamil Mullashev said. 


«Gorgeous Palmira». 1982, oil on canvas

 The event was attended by the ambassadors of China and Tatarstan, the clerisy, public figures and art clerisy. The exhibition will run until August 1.