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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Towards future: Contemporary Heritage

Towards future: Contemporary Heritage - e-history.kz
The opening of the exhibition “Towards future: Contemporary Heritage” was held at National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Director of National Museum Darkhan Mynbay noted the importance of the exhibition during his speech at the opening ceremony. 'There were different periods in the history of our culture. The exhibited works belong to one genre of art that refers to the period of independence. National Museum is not devoid of any of the genres of art, there is a place for each of them. Genres and styles are always evolving and renovate. Artists, who exhibit their works today, are talented craftsmen and all the world knows about our country through these works. We welcome and are delighted that our art and our culture develop in all fields and genres',- D.Mynbay said. 

 The works by Saken Narynov, Rashid Nurekeyev, Yuliya Sorokina, Elena Vorobyeva and Saule Dyusenbina are presented in the exhibition. The artists work in various artistic practices and each of them is spiritual memory of the country. What considered as contemporary tomorrow becomes history. 


 The aim of the project is promote work of Kazakhstan artists working in the field of contemporary art and are more famous abroad than in homeland. 

 The work «AstraNomads» by a famous expert in the field of contemporary art in Central Asia Yuliya Sorokinais a digital archive consisting of project works by iconic artists of contemporary art of Central Asia for thirty years period from 1980 to 2010. This resource is included in virtual collections and is a pilot project of the virtual museum in Central Asia. 

 The works by Rashid Nurekeyev, a singer of utilitarian things, reflect local and global socio-political, cultural phenomenon and represent a critical discourse aimed at the reflection of the artist about present and future of the country. 

 Art and science form an inseparable area of interests of Saken Narynov. His art-object «Last flight of the asteroid: a self-portrait» marks a creative subtotal of the artist, who created beautiful and extra-terrestrial things. Human is the main tool and motivating force in his works to understand the reality, perceive the Universe and laws of its functioning. 

 Elena Vorobyeva is in a well-known creative tandem with Viktor Vorobyev. Elena’s works are presented by paintings in the exhibition. At first glance, the subject of her paintings simple everyday compositions depicting objects of everyday life like a coffee pot, a bent fork, a wine glass, a white small teapot. But looking closely you will feel a storm of emotions, worry and anxiety which are reached by expressive strokes, minimal color combination and irrationality of formula. 


 Saule Dyusenbina presented the series of work called «The Map of Memory» — graphic art collages and photographs part of a mood board for the feature film «Nomad». The artist attempts to find herself in these faces, tracing her identity, obtaining an understanding of the past, seeking collective cultural memory. 


Understanding of contemporary art came to the former Soviet Union in the early 90s with the Restructuring. During this period, artists mastered western forms of contemporary art with inspiration (performances, installations, video-art and others), breaking stereotypes of art perception of themselves and the audience.