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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

«Night at the Museum - 2016» will be held at National Museum

«Night at the Museum - 2016» will be held at National Museum - e-history.kz
«Night at the Museum -2016» dedicated to the International Museum Day will be held at National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the course of action «Night at the Museum» National Museum organizes free tours of the halls, where residents and guests of the capital will get acquainted with the history and culture if ancient and modern Kazakhstan. The festive event will end with a colorful laser show.


 The action «Night at the Museum» has become a tradition in more than 40 countries around the world. Many museums of Kazakhstan are also preparing events on this day. This event is held for the second year at National Museum. Last year, more than 23 thousand people attended this event. 

 National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites residents and quests of the city to witness the event. 


 Night at the museum is one of the events held along with International Museum Day. For the first time «Night at the museum» was held in Berlin in 1997, known in history as «The long night of museums». In 2001, the Louvre in Paris supported the idea and later the event «Night at the museum» has spread in many museums of other countries. «Night at the museum» is held twice a year in Germany, in January and August.

 The main purpose of the event is to attract youth to the museums and preservation of national values.