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Meeting in the Archive of the President of RK

 Meeting in the Archive of the President of RK - e-history.kz
The meeting to discuss the concept of the project “Famine” was held in the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The meeting to discuss the concept of the project «Famine», which aims to collect information and materials on the history of the Famine of the 30s in Kazakhstan was held in the framework of events program «Archive and society: values of the Independence» in the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 


 The meeting was attended by leading scientists-historians, writers and heads of state archival institutions: K.Aldazhumanov, B.Koishybayev, S.Elubayev, T.Omarbekov, S.Smagulova, A.Kudaibergenova and A.Botanov.

 Head of the Archive of the President of RK B.Japarov emphasized that the creation of a single national database of the victims of mass famine of 30s in Kazakhstan is an integral part of the study of the tragic pages of the history of Kazakhstan. This work is impossible without the participation of historians and archivists, writers and journalists, all caring citizens of our country must participate in this project.


 Famous scholar B.Koishybayev said: «In the 90s of the last century a huge work was done on this theme with active participation of Manash Kabashevich Kozybayev. The conferences, round tables were held and scientific articles were prepared. I support the initiative of the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such project will cause a great resonance among the wide public». 


The participants of the meeting shred their views and discussed important moments on this issue, made suggestion on the preparation and realization of the project. 

 The meeting was followed by a book exhibition from the library collection of the Archive on the theme «Famine in Kazakhstan 1930-1933». The works of guests who attended the meeting: B.Koishybayeva, T.Omarbekova, K.Aldazhumanova, S.Smagulova were presented there.