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The trailer of the film “Kazakh khanate” (video) was released

The trailer of the film “Kazakh khanate” (video) was released - e-history.kz
The film consists of 10 series and tells about the periods of Kazakh khans’ ruling beginning with Zhanibek and Kerey till the ruling of Kenesary.

To remind, in Kazakhstan the shoots of historical television project “Kazakh khanate” (“Kazak eli”) are on. The authors by the present moment released the trailer of the film. 

As it was reported earlier the fable and art details were worked out by the team of writers and playwrights, among whom are Smagul Yelubayaev and Timur Zhaksylykov. 


 While writing the scenario the historical and art literature were used, including the first part of the novel “Nomads” by Ilyas Yesenberlin. The middle of XV century...


After the fall of a powerful in Eurasia state, which is Golden Horde several independent khanates were founded, among which Ak Orda was different. It occupied the territory of modern Kazakhstan. However, the descendant of the younger dynasty of Shaybanids — Shaybanshah by means of power dethroned Orday Ezhenid Barak khan and seized the throne in Ak Orda. 


Shaybanshah started to conduct the aggressive politics regarding neighbours, hardened the inner laws and led Ak Orda to decline. Barak khan’s son Zhanibek sultan and his relative sultan Kerey consolidated around themselves nomad tribes dissatisfied with Shaybanshakh and created the state formation of the Kazakh Khanate in 1465. 


The ruler of Mogulistan Yesen Buta accepted them temporarily in exchange for the obligations to guard the exterior boundaries of Mogulistan. The faithful to the contract Zhanibek, who became the first khan of Kazakhs Kerey began to struggle with oyrats, war-like Western Mongol tribes, encroaching on the boundaries of Mogulistan. Shaybanshah and his alliances, Central Asian emirs and Nogay murzas, also united against the young state of Kazakh Khanate. 


The longstanding bloody war for freedom and independence began. Zhanibek and Kerey’s sons Kasym and Burundyk — two inseparable friends actively help in the struggle. Day and night they are in the saddle participating in the clashes and raids coming to help to simple people struggling for freedom of nation for their love, for their friends...


In the plot the key events of state formation during Kerey and Zhnaibek’s ruling are touched upon. Steppe battles between batyrs, storm of cities, bloody large-scale battles, enemies’ intrigues, betrayal, love and friendship — all of that assists the main plotline. 


As a result, the specialists believe, not only the historically true, but also cinematographically right basis for the film, which plotline has been set since the moment of the khanate foundation in 1465 by Zhanibek and Kerey up to 1512 when Kasym khan came to power.