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In the 90th season, followers of Auezov presented the play “Abay”

In the 90th season, followers of Auezov presented the play “Abay” - e-history.kz
The 90th season in M.Auezov Kazakh state academic drama theatre was opened by the play “Abai”

Famous film director, people’s artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor Esmukhan Obayev chose a famous novel by Mukhtar Auezov: not ordinary drama, mastering it is a painstaking work of the whole creative team. In addition, staging of plays devoted to the life and creativity of Abay in different interpretations takes place almost each season in Kazakhstan’s or foreign theatres. Therefore, the desire not to repeat was also one of the key objectives and director and cast successfully managed it. 

 Several new plays are included in the anniversary repertoire. One of the first opening nights is «Kily zhol» by the director Alma Kakisheva. Actors of Mukhtar Auezov State Academic Drama Theatre spent summer and autumn at work and trips. While the actors participated in Astana and Taraz in plays devoted to the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate, there was a modernization at theatre. They make everything for audience to face the art with comfort at theatre. 

The upcoming Auezov’s event, which should not be missed, is the annual festival «Theatre spring −2016», which is timed to the anniversary of the theatre. The festival program will include the best performances. It is not the only festival for the team, there will be «Art Ordo» in Bishkek, the second forum of the young theatre workers of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Baltic countries and Georgia in Minsk, as well as an international meeting of creative teams in Atyrau.

 -The main evaluation of our work is the fact that the theatre remains popular and loved during several generations. We continue our best traditions constantly preparing new actors, participating in the international festivals, accepting teams of other theatres at our one and most important, holding tours. A real theatre must take with quality and not quantity,-Erlan Bilyalov, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan said.

 By the way, the troupe accepted 10 young actors. — Theatre always exists in spite of everything. The interest of young people to this profession remains. I am pleasant to it, of course. The theatre’s mission is to unite and soften manners, humanize. The theatre need to look ways to people’s hearts. With this purpose, we have planned the cycle of meeting actors with audience during the festival "Theatre spring«,-shared creative plans art director, people’s artist of the USSR and KazSSR Asnali Ashimov. 


Mira Mustafina, Almaty