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National museums of Kazakhstan and Belarus broaden cooperation borders

National museums of Kazakhstan and Belarus broaden cooperation borders - e-history.kz
A Memorandum of cooperation between the National Museum of Kazakhstan and National Art Museum of Belarus has been signed in the framework of the X forum of creative and scientific clerisy

Director of the National Art Museum Prokoptsov Vladimir Ivanovich has noted that cooperation between leading museums of two countries will strengthen intercultural ties at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum. In his opinion, a museum should build good relationship and also to serve to cultural and spiritual fellowship. 


«Next year we will invite National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Forum of museums in Belarus and we are confident that you will definitely visit us. I hope that this Memorandum will give a new impetus to our cooperation,»-said Vladimir Prokoptsov. Also, Director of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus noted the high level of organization of the forum’s work. 

«Thanks to this forum I saw Astana, the National museum. I was very impressed with your state, capital, and National museum,»-he said. 

In his turn, Director of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Darkhan Mynbay assured gathered the audience that he would do everything depending on him to improve the quality of inter-museum cooperation: «Our diversified economic ties must grow in spiritual continuity. The museums of two countries should be the benefit for people. Implementing joint projects and sharing experience we will achieve certain results. We should strive for creativity and innovation. I consider that Memorandum on cooperation will define our goals and provide positive results of its implementation».


 It should be noted that implementation of the following joint events is considered within the framework of Memorandum: joint development and implementation of scientific research and cultural-educational projects; realization of consulting on definition of priority areas of scientific research works in the field of culture, history, art and museology; participation and organization of joint scientific and scientific-practical conferences, seminars and symposiums; organization of joint scientific programs; providing materials and results (achievements) in the field of history, art and museology; organization of joint exhibitions and publications to them; presentation of opportunity to publish scientific articles in the publications of the parties, exchange of scientists and specialists within the framework of organization of internships with the aim of qualification improvement of parties’ representatives’ exchange of scientific information, documents, literature and bibliographic editions, as well as providing opportunities for the production of copies of certain exhibits and collections.