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The premiere of the historic drama “Kazaktar”

The premiere of the historic drama “Kazaktar” - e-history.kz
The originators of the performance surprised modern sophisticated audience with quite realistic performance, which recreated the history of Kazakh people

The premiere of the historic drama «Kazaktar» by Kalikhan Yskak and Shakhimerden Kussainov devoted to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate was held in Zhambyl Kazakh drama theatre. The idea of creating performance on the topic of Kazakh khans’ lives with a modern look at the history of the Kazakh people were suggested by playwrights Kalikhan Iskak and Shakhimarden Kusainov. The producer of the play was the honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ersayn Toleubay. The backdrop of the play was designed by Zhambyl artist Rakhat Saparaliyeva. 


The historic drama «Kazaktar» has become the most popular performance of Zhambyl Kazakh drama theatre. Both actors of the theatre and students of the Faculty of Art and Culture of Theatre Department of M.Kh.Dulati Taraz State University took participation in the performance. The awesome scenes, where the great rulers, military clashes and a struggle for unity and independence of people were performed. 


The People’s artist of Kazakhstan — Zhamankulov Tungyshbay Kadyruly opened an expected performance with a welcoming speech. 


Since 1428 as a result of the collapse of the Great Empire «Altyn Orda», Abulkhair khan ruled the Uzbek ulus, which remained in the history as «Nomadic Uzbek state». In the second half of XV century, Kerey and Zhanibek, who were under the rule of Abulkhair, uniting all Kazakh tribes despite some minor, internal distractions separated from Abulkhair khan and migrated towards Mogulistan (nowadays the territory of Zhetysu). Esenbuga, khan of Mogulistan welcomed them and gave agreement to a settlement in the western part of Mogulistan on the coast of the Shu and the Talas, in the outskirts of Kozybasy. As a result, Kerey and Zhanibek formed the Kazakh Khanate in 1465.


 This historic drama also showed the heroic deeds of Kasym khan, where he continues the idea of Kerey and Zhanibek with his haughty spirit, tenacity and high faith in the future.


 The descendants of Shaybanids, who separated from the Uzbek khanate unwilling to lose power, resorted to cunning, using feminine wiles in the diplomatic struggle. As they did not achieve the desired results, they went to the warpath. 

However, far-sighted Kasym khan resisted to all kinds of the opponent’s tricks and won in a bloody and fierce battle.


 The originators of the performance surprised a modern sophisticated audience with quite realistic performance, which recreated the history of Kazakh people.