If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Program of activities conducted in Taraz due 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate

Program of activities conducted in Taraz due 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate  - e-history.kz
Within the framework of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate from 7 to 9 October 2015 in Taraz the conduct of final and main stage of the national event is planned.
7 October 

11:00 — Presentation of the encyclopedia “Kazak Khandygy” 

Taraz State Pedagogical Institute 

14.00 — International forum on the conclusion of the Republic historical-cultural expedition “Uly Dala Eli” Taraz State University named after M. Kh. Dulaty 

18.00 - Concert of the masters of arts of Almaty, South-Kazakhstan, Zhambyl regions 

I. Suleymenov street 

“Zhastar” stadium 

“Ulan” stadium 

May grove 

18.00 - Historical-dramatic setting by I. Iskakov “Kazakhi”

Regional Drama Theater 

8 October 

10.00 — Republican aitys “Mangilik El” 

Central Concert hall “Balasagun” 

10.00 — Plenary session of International culturological project of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan “Conversations on the Silk Way”: “Central Asia: experience of solidarity of the people of region”

Taraz State University named after M. Kh. Dulaty 

10.45 — Festive opening of the monument dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate Tauke khan street 

11.30 — “Caravan of the culture the Great Silk Way” march Siyan-Taraz of the participants of the historical-cultural expedition “Uly Dala Eli”, conference “History. Women. Kazakhstan” 

Tole bi street 

11.00 — Visit of the archeological park and museum “Kone Taraz” 

archeological park “Kone Taraz” 

12.00Historical-ethnographic complex “Kazak alemi”: 

 — the work of mobile museum exposition “Zhadiger” -exposition-fair of the items of the arts and crafts and master-classes 

— “Altyn saka”: competitions in folk games 

— playground made of felt items 

— “Life in folklore” — traditional poetry of the Kazakhs 

The area “Wheel of the history”: program of nomadic circus -“Kiyz kumbesder”: interactive, educational program about history, meaning, devotion, varieties of the Kazakh yurt; 

The area “Kok kuyme”: “From Sakas to Kazakhs” 

— historical show of the theater of costumes “Arlan” 

The area “Dulyga”: “Er karuy 

— bes karu”: educational program with the demonstration of types of weapon and armors of the Nomads

 Performance venue “Ak Shatyr”: program of the State academic symphonic orchestra “Mangilik saryn” 

— Concert of the epic songs from the Kazakh epos “Berkinip sadak asyngan” 

—  songs of the Semirechye traditional singing school “Zhetysu anderi” 

— songs of the Arkinsk traditional singing school “Arka anderi” 

— program of folk dances “Steppe ornaments” 

—  concerts of the folklore-etrhnographic essembles “Gasyrlar sazy” of ethno-folklore ensemble “Turan”, melodies of the Turkic-speaking people “Konakkade” and ethno-group “Konyr” 

Park of the First President RK

14.00 - Demonstrative games of the “Horse polo” 

“Games of great steppe”: alaman bayge — 31 km, top bayge — 21 km, ushkyr zharys - 2, 4 km

square “Atshabar” 

15.00 — Concert of the masters of the arts of Almaty city, Almaty, South-Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Zhambyl regions

central square “Dostyk”

“Zhastar” stadium

“Ulan” stadium

May grove 

15.00 — Motorace of bykers 

Recreation center “Ayu tropic” — Taraz city

16.00 — “Uly Arman” performance of Karaganda Regional Kazakh Drama Theatre named after S. Seifullin Regional Drama Theater 

19.00 — Setting of drama paly of Zh. Ergaliyev “Kiyly zhol” Gala Concert. Festive firework

Central stadium 

9 October

9.00 — Republican conference “History. Women. Kazakhstan” 

City House of Culture 

11.00 - 22.00 - Scenic area “Ak Shatyr”: program of the State academic symphony orchestra “Mangilik saryn” 

— program about Kazakh musical instruments “Aspaptar sherui” 

— program of Kazakh kuys “Togyz perne” — - songs of West-Kazakhstan traditional song school “Batys anderi” 

— program of Kazakh zhyr-terme “Azattyk zhyrlary” 

—  concerts of the music of Turkic-speaking people “Konakkade”, ethno-folklore esnemble “Turan” and Tamara Asar

— Gala Concert “Tarazdyn nurly tuni” 

Park of the First President RK 

11.00 — Republican aitys “Mangilik El”

Central Concert Hall “Balasagun” 

11.00 — International tournament “Eurasia barysy” in “Kazak kuresi”

 “Taraz-Arena” sport complex