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Exhibition «Astana - the city of dream»

Exhibition «Astana - the city of dream» - e-history.kz
Personal exhibition of the famous Astana photographer Vladimir Kurilov «Astana – the city of dream», organized within the framework of a partner project, opened in Astana.

Personal exhibition of the famous Astana photographer Vladimir Kurilov «Astana — the city of dream», organized within the framework of a partner project, opened in Astana.

It’s symbolic that the exposition will be located in the Cloister hall of the Museum, in the sessions hall which was the residence, N. A. Nazarbayev proclaimed Akmola to be the new capital of Kazakhstan.

Vladimir Kurilov is famous as a chronicler of Astana, the major city of our country. His works are distinguished by uniqueness and fresh look among plenty of photographic works dedicated to the young capital of Kazakhstan. Series of photos tell about different stages of the development of Kazakhstan’s capital viewed by a native citizen of these lands.

Vladimir Ivanovich Kurilov was born on June 25, 1956, in Akmolinsk (Astana). All stages of his working and creative biography are connected with his hometown. The author’s photographs reflect the history of establishment of this fairy city, city of a dream. Recent years there have been several personal projects of v. Kurilov in palaces and museums of the capital. Current exhibition is very peculiar, first of all, by the exposure of new photographs printed in a large size. Placing them in the Cloister hall, the organizers consider the symbolism of this place as well as its architectural features.

The exhibition will present 30 works of Vladimir Kurilov executed in «a bird’s eye panorama» in 2013: the views of the city were shot by him from the roofs of high buildings, unusual perspectives and different light.

Photos of popular buildings and sights of the city, including Presidential residences «Akorda», «Bayterek», Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, mosque «Hazret Sultan», TEC «Khan Shatyr», will be represented during this exhibition from other perspectives depicting the city’s pulse in different time of the day. Master’s works allow catch mood of the daytime and night life of the city.

Panorama photos of the capital are especially amazing. To make such photographs he has to conquer the peaks and violate strict regulations. Such views of Astana are shot only by Vladimir Kurilov. «If you do your work with love, you can always get the necessary result», — the author likes to repeat.

Today these photographs are priceless because they depict the history of the capital and Kazakhstan. With the course of time their value will only increase repeating the destiny of any other human chronicle.

The exhibition «Astana — the city of dream» will continue until August 31, 2013.

translated by  I.KUZMENKO

June 9, 2014