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10 interesting facts about Nauryz

10 interesting facts about Nauryz - e-history.kz
Nauryz is a holiday of spring renewal. It arose among the peoples of the East long before the adoption of Islam; therefore it is devoid of religious ritual and orientation

We bring to your attention 10 interesting facts related to the holiday of Nauryz.

1. Celebration of Nauryz before began with the traditional meeting of the dawn. This is associated with one of the old rituals - "If you see a spring, then clear its source."

2. Nauryz holiday does not belong to religion. The exact history of Nauryz is not known, but it originates in pre-Islamic times. Scientists today assume that most likely this holiday is rooted in the Zoroastrian and pagan times.

3. In Atyrau and Mangistau regions, Nauryz is celebrated starting on March 14 and is called "Amal." The traditional element of this holiday is the rite of "Korisu". On this day everyone should shake hands, necessarily with both hands. It is also customary to greet each other with the words "Zhyl kutty bolsyn!" which means "Happy New Year!"

4. The children born during Nauryz were called names that are single-root or derived from the name of the holiday. Names that have survived to this day are Nauryzbek, Nauryzbay and Nauryzgul.

5. The fall of fresh snow on this day our ancestors considered a good sign. You can find in the ancient Kazakh legends that the beauty of the girl was compared with the white snow of Nauryz. Not surprisingly, because in March, usually not prickly, but very soft snow with a special whiteness.

6. In Kazakhstan there was a time when Nauryz was not publicly celebrated: 1926 - 1988. In 2001 Nauryz was declared a state holiday in our country. After 8 years (2009), a decree was signed that for the celebration of Nauryz and rest, Kazakhstanis are now given three days in a row.

7. Nauryz is celebrated not only in Kazakhstan. The countries of the near abroad, which share the joy of spring and Nauryz - Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and even Russia! But this is not all; there is a far abroad, where this holiday is awaited with impatience - Afghanistan and Iran.

8. Nauryz has its own traditional dish, Nauryz kozhe. It consists of 7 components. This figure contains a deep meaning, it symbolizes the days of the week, i.e. the temporal units of infinity of our universe. And with this figure are associated some rituals and rites. At the celebration opposite the aksakal it is customary to put 7 bowls filled with Nauryz kozhe. And everyone during Nauryz must necessarily visit 7 houses and invite 7 guests to his house.

9. In Uzbekistan, "Sumalak" is considered a traditional dish for Nauryz. In it there are some references to Nauryz kozhe. It also consists of 7 ingredients, which must be of plant origin.

10. In one of the first three days of Nauryz, according to the belief of the Kazakh people, a special hum should pass through the earth. Knowledgeable people say that sheep, who come from paradise, feel this special hum one of the first and their shepherds can learn about it. On such a day all nature, animals and people acquire life. It is believed that on such a day you can not cut hair and nails so as not to get paralyzed. All living things get special energy after "Az". There is a popular expression among the people: "Until Az not pass, do not rejoice."


By Makhabbat BOLSHINA

Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA

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