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Known worldwide Zhakhayev

Known worldwide Zhakhayev - e-history.kz
Ibray Zhakhayev set a world record by planting rice


Ibray Zhakhayev’s words which he told a hundred years ago, "Who will find a key to a labor, will find a wealth itself" today remind us of the common entrepreneurs who honestly earn their bread.

Ibray Zhakhayev and his spouse Bibiazhar.

Simple Kazakh elder got high fame with his own work. He was not the head of the collective farm, and Chairman of the Executive Committee, and didn’t serve as the first Secretary of the Communist Party, he was neither akim, nor minister, but gained fame around the world with an iron hoe, labor and sweat, thanks to the sacred land of Syra. In the years of poverty and hunger I. Zhakhayev set a record gathering 156, 160, 171 quintals of rice per hectare for three years. This merit of the steppe academician brought the country riches and abundance.

The fact that I. Zhakhayev was next to a public figure D. Konayev, twice Hero of Socialist Labor Zh. Kuanyshbayev, the heroes of the Soviet Union G. Titov and General G. Kovtunov and many other poets, writers, public figures spoke about his achievements. For great success in 1949, he received the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Like this, a common rice grower achieved happiness by honest labor. He did not stop there, and opened a school, where he taught his experience of young rice growers. Zhakhayev movement was spread in the country. And in 1974, Ibray Zhakhayev received the title of Hero of Socialist Labour for the second time. Those years, the sown area decreased by 2000 hectares. Thanks to the hard work this area again increased to 11 thousand hectares. In 1977 was planted 12,400 hectares of land, and in 1980 a ​​crop acres increased to 15,000 hectares. The famous rice grower has thousands of students across the country. Zhakhayev letter of youth gave strength and courage to many workers. Life and activity of I. Zhakhayev - a great example for the next generation. This year we celebrated the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Hero of Labor. We should not forget about the fruitful way of our compatriot.




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