If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly


The adoption of the Law on the state independence had great historical significance for Kazakhstan people.

Decisive stage of formation of independence of Kazakhstan was the adoption of the constitutional law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 16 December 1991. 

 The adoption of the above-mentioned legal instrument was the determining factor in the fate of Kazakhstan people. If the Declaration of state sovereignty was made under the conditions of existed in the Soviet Union, the direction was taken on a truly independent development of the country with the adoption of the Constitutional Law ‘On the state independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan’. This law was based on fundamental democratic principles: the nation’s right to self-determination, priority of rights and freedoms, political stability, separation of powers, inter-ethnic harmony and others. 

 The Declaration of the real sovereignty has resulted in recognition of the country's external world. The Constitutional law has created conditions for the settlement of border issues with China, Russia and the Central Asian republics. The provisions of the Constitutional law took precedence over provisions of the current Constitution of Kazakh SSR of 1978. 

The Declaration of state sovereignty and the Constitutional law ‘On state independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan’ became the basis of the Constitution. They represented a legal basis for conducting relevant reforms in the political and socio-economic spheres.

 The strategic goal of the construction of the new Kazakhstan statehood in the first half of 1990s was development of a sovereign state with a strong presidential power. There were there issues before the state, the solution of which depended both on the effective functioning of the socio-political institutions and the existence of Kazakhstan's statehood. 

 These objectives were formulated by the President of the country in the "Strategy of formation and development of Kazakhstan as a sovereign state" in 1992. The Strategy formed the political orientation for Kazakhstan people with the vacuum in the world view of all society. 

 Inter-ethnic harmony, national unity, modernization ideology of the Kazakhstan society, interfaith harmony and religious tolerance are the main directions in the ideological consolidation of the Kazakhstan society. 

 A. Suleimenov 

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