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Armed Forces of Kazakhstan as a basis of national security

Armed Forces of Kazakhstan as a basis of national security - e-history.kz
On 7 May 1992 the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree establishing the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On 7 May 1992 the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed decrees transforming the National Defence Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, establishing the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and appointing Colonel General Nurmagambetov the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Under Chapter V article 18 of the Defence and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan Act, "... the Armed Forces are aimed at repelling aggression, protecting territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan, guarding and defending national and military objectives, air policing and performing tasks in accordance with international instruments ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan."

Under article 4 of the same Act, "... the Armed Forces and other military formations meet national defence objectives in accordance with the Military Doctrine and plans for employing the Armed Forces."

At the initial stage of the Armed Forces formation the state faced the most significant task — to develop an appropriate legal framework. The young state issued the first national defence acts. On 22 September 1992 the Supreme Council adopted the Armed Forces and Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan Act.

The first Military Doctrine of the Republic of Kazakhstan was approved by the President on 11 February 1993. It was based on the principles of prevention of war, efficient defence and the union of the mutual assistance of the CIS countries. The provisions of this Doctrine were widely used in foreign policy and military activity of the country.

When the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan were established the army consisted of land forces, naval forces and air defence forces. On 17 November 1997 a Decree on Reformation of the Armed Forces established the three branches, including conventional forces, air defence forces and state border guard forces.

At the same time, the Main Staff of the Armed Forces was transformed into the General Staff.


On 2 July 1999 the state border guard forces were transformed into the Border Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The new Military Doctrine was adopted by the Presidential Decree No. 299 of 21 March 2007. It is a system of fundamental views on the national military defence, prevention of wars and armed conflicts, development and employment of the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations.