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General Kornilov and lawyer Plevako. They have Kazakh blood.

General Kornilov and lawyer Plevako. They have Kazakh blood.  - e-history.kz
Kazakh people have expression: "Children from the daughter/sister are not considered as our people". It means children born from the daughter are successors her husband’s family not her own.

People externally similar to representatives of the native nationality, but, living in other country, can be found in each nation. In this small article we will emphasized on two famous to us “Kazakh” persons which mothers were Kazakh women.

General Kornilov


Lavr Kornilov is known in the history as the commander. However, very few people know that besides he also was comprehensively developed person. Lavr Kornilov — traveler, diplomat and polyglot, who could speak fluently in six languages. At the same time, there is information that he also was a linguist.

He was born in 1870 in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. His mother Maryam (Mary) was baptized Kazakh woman who grew up near the bank of Irtysh River. There are a lot of data confirming that he looked like Kazakh which later helped him a lot when he was scout. There is information that he was fluent in Kazakh, Turkish and Arabic.

Since the age eight he participated in investigation. In 1914, he received the rank of Lieutenant General for heroism shown in the World War I. At that time he captured more than three thousand enemy soldiers.

In 1917, military-political situation of Petrograd had deteriorated. According to the proposal of the Provisional government under the leadership of Kerensky General Kornilov was appointed as Supreme commander. He enhanced military order, asked to enter of such punishment as death penalty at the front...

Fragments from the report which was written by the general Kornilov to Provisional government, were published in the issue of newspaper “Izvestiya” which released on June 4. Words of the general from this report remained in the history: “German people and spies under supervision of Lenin need to be hung up, and Council of soldier’s and working deputies needs to be dismissed, so that they would never gathered again”.

However, famous commander ended his life very sadly. The reason for this was indecision of the leadership of Provisional government White Guard lost. The victory was on the side of Bolsheviks. Journalist K. Torezhan described the death of General Kornilov in this article “How General Kornilov died?” Lavr Kornilov was captured by enemy army and his body was literally torn into pieces and burned.

One of contemporaries of the General Kornilov said following about the hero: “Lavr Kornilov as most of officers of that time was not neither the socialist, nor the monarchist. He tried stay away from policy”. According to the memories of Denekin, who continued his way, later became general, “Kornilov’s view and beliefs were close to numerous groups of liberal democracy”.

Lawyer Plevako


Fedor Plevako — the famous lawyer of Russia was born in 1842 in the city of Troitsk of the Orenburg province. His father was ethnic Pole.

Russian historian V. Smolyarchuk in the book “Lawyer Plevako” writes that Alma — mother of the famous lawyer ethnic was Kazakh woman. At the same time, Alma’s memoirs which were written down when she was already in old age also are given in this work.

“We lived near Troitsk, in the steppe area. The magnificent environment was in a yurt. Inside of it there were many carpets. I, like adults in this house, covered with woolen blanket when went to sleep. The sword and the weapon hung on the wall...” — said mother of famous lawyer.

Moreover, data about Plevako there is in A. Koni’s book “Fathers and children of judicial reform” where he wrote not only about oratory skills of lawyer, but also about the fact the he looked like Asians.

Plevako’s interest in protection of human rights and to the sphere of the right in general was obvious in the childhood. As his parents were not married officially, during study he was teased by peers. And despite of this he managed to finish his studies. He graduated gymnasium with a gold medal. Subsequently he was elected as the deputy of 3rd Duma. According to his contemporaries, Plevako was a believer. Very often cases in which defendant were protected by Plevako became legends. Once he protected elderly priest accused of adultery and theft. It was obvious that defendant had no favor of courts. The prosecutor convincingly described all sins of priest. Finally, Plevako stood from his place and said very shortly: “Misters jurors! It is quite obvious, the prosecutor is absolutely right. The defendant committed all these crimes. And priest himself admitted them. But, I you should pay your attention on one thing. He is the person who during the thirty years let your sins in confession. Now, he waits from you the same: whether you release him of his sins? There is no need to specify that priest was acquitted.

Russian magazine “Pravo” which appeared in 1908 wrote about Plevako following: “What place in the Russian poetry is taken by Pushkin, just as Plevako’s place is significant in the legal sphere. Just as after Pushkin it is difficult to be called as Russian poet, so and after Plevako it is difficult to be called as Russian speaker”.

The genius of the lawyer, whose appearance was like his mother’s, does not require proofs.


To be continued...