If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev: Abylay’s dream came true

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev: Abylay’s dream came true  - e-history.kz
Our duty is to be proud of the achievement of modern Kazakhstan, which is the embodiment of Abylay’s dream, to serve for the sake of keeping inner harmony and friendship.

The fate repeatedly supported Kazakh people with great personalities: khans, which became the nation’s supporter, heroes, who selflessly defended the nation and bekhs, who were known with their wisdom. Among them there was one of the great figures -Abylay Khan, whose 300th anniversary was celebrated this year.

His entire adult life Abylay dedicated to strengthen Kazakh state, established by Zhanibek and Kerei khans. He liberated land of the Kazakh Khanate from invaders and ensured its territorial integrity. History witnesses that Abylay was the prominent ruler who dreamed to elevate the Kazakh people, to ensure the welfare of the country and use it not only for sharpness spears, but also the power of diplomacy.

Abylay always distinguished with his character of wise politician, harmoniously combined with courage and intelligence. Exactly for these characters in difficult and tough times he could inspire people and unite them under. He was able to save Kazakh state from extinction. Having dream about bright future of his people, he could honorably take on great responsibility and fulfill his filial duty to the country.

In order to provide stable future and indestructible independence, we must not forget our ancestors’ commandments and constantly remind for ourselves about them. As in order to build a strong country they had to sacrifice a lot.

The people have a proverb associated with the Abylay’s dream. Once Buhar Zhyrau asked Abylay in the last days of his life: «Khan, what is your dream?» He said: «I have three dreams. First, I would like to see peaceful sky above my state. Much blood was shed for all the time. Second, people were unable to fully utilize their land not built a city. Third, I was not able to unite the country».

Certainly, honored Khan, who selflessly served to unite all Kazakh people and ensure its freedom, had many plans for the future of the country. However, due to lack of proper consent within the state Abylay’s many dreams have remained unfulfilled.

Kazakh people, who went through happy and sad times, after the death of Abylay went through many trials of fate. They saw feud, troubles and random people who wanted to be the first of the first, totalitarian policies almost destroyed the national consciousness. But without losing hope and faith in our own strength, we were able to pass through.

The current generation has reached the high aim, which Abylay was so eager to. In accordance with international standards, we defined the boarders of the vast expanses of our country, which are recognized by the world community. This allowed us to create a foundation for lasting friendship, mutually beneficial trade and economic and cultural relations with our neighbors. These days there is no country that claims about the territory of Kazakhstan.

Most importantly, we were able to keep harmony in this sacred land given to us as a legacy of our ancestors. Thanks to this, today the model of our union is known on all continents. We built majestic capital on the banks of the Yesil. Creative Kazakhstan respected throughout the world. It became a sovereign state that stands firmly on their feet, famous for its unity and harmony. Despite the ordeal through which Kazakh people had to pass, they did not lose their peacefulness and today live a peaceful life. Isn’t it Abylay’s dream come true?!

Therefore, the 300th anniversary of the famous Abylay Khan, who ruled at the time when the fate of the Kazakh people was threatened and disappeared entire states, is a national holiday. And celebrations dedicated to him at the national level should be aimed at uniting the nation, strengthening of statehood.

Life story of Abylay Khan should be an example for the whole nation, especially for the new generation. Youths should have good understanding of Abylay Khan’s role in the history of the Kazakh people. This will help to ensure that in the hearts of succeeding generations will grow seeds of patriotism and love of country.
Only a generation that knows about the difficult history of the state, turns and zigzags of the path passed by the ancestors, difficult stages and important decisions, «white spots» and accomplishments of great personalities, able to successfully achieve the intended purpose.

To do this, we must fully fulfill our task for the younger generation by creating the conditions necessary for the proper formation of their worldview.

Today there is a radical rethinking of national history, taking into account new approaches developed during the years of independence. The difficult period, when Abylay Khan was a ruler, was the era of great personalities.

In the moments when people’s fate and important question had been solved, near Abylay always were faithful companions, wise people, fair judges and fearless warriors. The names of these people, who selflessly dedicate their lives for the sake of the homeland, handed from generation to generation.

History it’s a life lesson. Images of Abylay Khan and his era, zhyraus and sage, judges and brave warriors of that the time must be stored in the minds of the younger generation.

In their speeches, I never tired of telling people that the key to prosperity is the unity of the people. And I put all my strength and energy for this. For twenty years, we have repeatedly convinced by the example of others that people deprived of unity and welfare loses. In the primary stages of our independence, we are witnessing that the basis of the prosperity is friendship of people.

People, who do not draw conclusions from the past, cannot succeed today.
If in those difficult years for the Kazakhs Dzhungars could win, it would been happened not because of the weakness of the Kazakh soldiers or Kazakh nation, but because of a lack of cohesion, strife among the people and their inability to comply with the dictates of time.

And liberation of the sacred lands from fearless enemy and defeat of Dzhungarian troops was due to the fact that we were able to gather in a single fist under the banner of Abylay Khan and reached solid nationwide agreement.

Current generation of Kazakhstan has been able to live in an independent country, the dream of which carefully protected and honored Abylay Khan. Today, we should first give our gratitude, do not forget our roots and the great power of unity, as future will bring us serious challenges.

Our duty is to be proud of the achievement of modern Kazakhstan, which is the embodiment of Abylay’s dream, to serve for the sake of keeping inner harmony and friendship.

Let our independence be eternal!




translated by D.TAUKEBAYEVA

June 7, 2014