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In Kostanay region continues to study of mysterious houses


In Kostanay region continues to study of mysterious houses
In Kostanay region continues to study mysterious houses. Deputy Director of the Arkalyk Museum «History of the steppe» Ashat Kassenov told about this to the journalist of BNews.kz.

Steppes near Arkalyk village of Kostanay region are fascinating. They seem limitless. Sometimes you would not see any soul in hundreds of kilometers around of them. Even surprising for you when suddenly starts from right or left an amazing architectural beauty of the monuments. Our escort, without whom in Arkalyk steppes it is quite possible to get lost, Ashat Kassenov shows us the houses. There were two ancient buildings, relating to 9th -11th centuries, made of stones. They served as watchtowers for Kazakh warriors.

«An ancient Ekidin (center of Saryturgaysk rural district) is the real pride of natural resources and historical monuments. Two ancient structures of spherical form from a wild stone — houses, which gave the name to the village, belong to pre-Islamic times. According to the academician A.Margulan these quite rare in Kazakhstan structures, known as «uitas» or «dyng», built in the form of ancient Kazakh dwelling «shoshaly» and may have had ritual significance. Estimated dating — Early Iron Age «, — he said.

As he said, according to local legend, in 17th — 18th centuries in the valley between the hills, where locate houses was a bloody battle. Exactly here was located headquarters of commanders of conflicting tribes. In the 80 years of the twentieth century the funds of local people was made reconstruction works of houses partly destroyed by that time.

Upper part of the house was crowned skillfully made hole. It served for chimney. Incidentally, these houses are on the list of historical and cultural heritage Kostanay region. People are proud of them because the more similar, perhaps, nowhere.

«In those days, Kazakh soldiers, seeing the approaching enemies, had to immediately warn the population to save them from destruction. It was with this purpose, they did such a «dyn» and made a fire inside him, and it could see from afar the population, that is kind of a warning sign was given, «- said A.Kasenov.

Perhaps such house was built more. At least, the old-timers of the nearby villages tell about it. But only few survived today. Moreover houses are still in good condition said A.Kasenov. It was said that they were checked.



translated by D.TAUKEBAYEVA

June 7, 2014