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Counteraction of regional threats to Kazakhstan’ security


The listed in previous articles complex of risks and threats allows to draw a conclusion that problems of both internal, and external character in the CA countries accrue, moreover, the region is in an epicenter of strategic interests, both world and regional powers. On a background of such regional and global situation one of the most important problems are complication of mutual relations between the CA states, a number of interstate or inter-regional problems which is difficultly solved, it can to escalate conflicts, and as a whole to aggravate a situation in region.

Thus, we thought fit to outline three levels of effective counteraction to security threats: 

1. Interstate level means an adequate management of national security and stability threats through internal tools and leverages.
2. The regional level is necessary for coordination of the CA countries joint efforts in struggle against the threats in economic, social, political, ecological spheres.
3. The third level — external, it includes institutional, trans-regional and global levels. It should provide security through activity coordination of international organizations and first of all the CSTO, CICA, SCO. For security preservation it is necessary to maintain strategic cooperation with China and allied relations with Russia, constructive interaction with the USA, the EU countries and such organizations as the OSCE and NATO.

Taking into account a difference of states' interests in sphere of economic and political development of the region, one of the most acute issue is development of regional security system. However the existing CA regional security system has already proved its ability to react on geopolitic challenges, the processes occurring in the frameworks of the CSTO, CICA and SCO are eloquent examples. Strengthening of a military-political component within the framework of regional international institutes testifies to formation of effective regional security system, invoked to guarantee military-political, social and economic stability of region.

For Kazakhstan, the question of regional security maintenance stands very sharply in fact besides other, the country possessed the nuclear weapon getting in the inheritance from the former USSR. Kazakhstan’s voluntary nuclear disarmament and given by nuclear powers security guarantees became factors assisting to elimination of traditional military threats in the region. Kazakhstan’s policy in the field of disarmament and non-proliferation is caused by a foreign policy course and its main principles, represented by adherence to the international security consolidation, development of inter-state cooperation, increasing role of the international organizations in global problems and conflicts settlement.

Interaction in sphere of regional security maintenance is a firm foreign policy priority of Kazakhstan. The role of our Republic in all regional international structures is high, especially in intergovernmental mutual-security organization such the CSTO, CICA and SCO.

Counteraction to terrorism and international organized crime demands close interaction of all countries, first of all, at a political level. For successful struggle against extremism and terrorism it is necessary to arrange, directed on revealing of extremist ideologies, preventions and suppressions of terrorism. The factors promoting display of security threats in the region, demand more careful studying, it needs joint realization efforts of the CA states.

In maintenance of social and political stability, economic growth in the Central Asia as a basis of regional security preservation the most essential are the following directions of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy activity:

1. Formation of effective system of regional and national security. Assistance to settlement of conflict situations in zones adjacent to the CA countries, especially in Afghanistan.
2. Preservation of political and macroeconomic stability in the region, stability of national political systems on the basis of strengthening of a democratic institutes role, social and economic development and increasing a level of population life quality.
3. Management of geopolitical and geoeconomical problems. Active occurrence of the CA states' economies in global trade and economic relations and adaptation of national economic models to mechanisms of the global market.

Certainly, in regional security issues Kazakhstan follows especially pragmatic reasons which essence is reduced to the following: stability in any country can be provided only with creation around it so-called «security zone», hence the regional cooperation in realization of collective measures on stability maintenance in the Central Asia and in the world is especially important.

Thus, Kazakhstan became the leader by quantity of undertaken steps and measures in security strengthening not only in the region, but also all over the world. The authority of our President and our State allow to realize initiatives on maintenance of national and international stability. N. Nazarbayev emphasized that Kazakhstan situated in the heart of Eurasia, sensitively feels an urgency of joining efforts necessity in search of answers to a wide spectrum of threats both global, and regional security. The President has expressed confidence, that original security can be provided only through wide interaction, creation of regional security architecture, constructive cooperation on the basis of international law. Having expected a course of the world history, our President N. A. Nazarbayev has staked on multilateral institutes that has allowed to carry out not only external, but also internal development purposes of Kazakhstan.

Makubayev Yu.

Master of Humanitarian Sciences