If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

World of values of independent Kazakhstan

In offered work values of modern Kazakhstan society among which independence is considered by the author as the main value are analyzed.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan there are system transformations, there were first democratic institutes of civil society and the social state. Thus in the course of formation of civil society the special attention was paid on critical development of sociocultural values, spiritual heritage of the past, on difficult and inconsistent process of revaluation of values in the country.

Transition to a way of radical restructuring of all political system of the society founded on market economy, demanded overcoming of total alienation of the person, development of those forms of its activity which would allow to overcome the total pressure of the state, i.e. formations of institutes of civil society.

Overcoming total alienation during the period of market reforms in the economy, democratic in the political system, pluralistic  in the ideological sphere gave rise to the need to uphold the values ​​of liberalism - free labor values, revealing the creative abilities and, therefore, the development of sense of ownership, the owner, is building their work as the basis of material well-being of human life on the basis of which is unique and may create intellectual and spiritual potential of society.

Implementation of the system of fundamental changes of Kazakh-Western experience transformation, as well as, taking into account the specific historical conditions of development of Kazakhstan in the era of globalization. Therefore, the development of civil society in Kazakhstan, revealing the creative abilities of the individual, it is important to use the positive potential in this sense of our past, both Soviet and traditional, they formed the values ​​on which consensus can be reached and further formation of civil society institutions.

Creation conditions for the private property interest, the introduction of private ownership of land, development of individualism, bring a sense of ownership and owner - all these problems are compounded by the fact that within the traditional society such conditions did not exist, and the ideology of Soviet society throughout its history eradicated from practice and social consciousness those necessary for the formation of democratic values ​​in Kazakhstan . The task of researchers to revive socio-cultural values ​​of the past, capable of responding to these demands of modernity.

For contemporary Kazakh society in order successful implementation of the chosen course of political development, it is necessary, in my view, enhance and strengthen ideological and propaganda support ongoing reforms to consolidate the values ​​of our past, which revived in the light of formation of civil society and social law state.

The concept of "we" in the traditional Kazakh society has always been stronger than "I". So were the property relations, with a strong emphasis on collectivist principles. However, despite the complexity of the mechanism of land use land ownership clearly regulated. Three main forms of ownership (private, communal and social group) were characterized and Kazakhstan earlier. To harmonize the interests of the collective and the individual should be the objective conditions. For the development of civil society is important to create a mixed economy. Equitable and diverse forms of ownership, regulated by market mechanisms, exercise the right of free choice of forms and methods of economic activity, economic freedom. It is necessary to restore a truly collective and objective basis of this process will be the development of collective ownership (cooperative, corporation and rent).

The main value for the emerging civil society in Kazakhstan is the independence and freedom, where unity, harmony, tolerance and prosperity are basic values, namely freedom, gives each individual the opportunity to self-actualization. Nomad was originally inherent in freedom-loving spirit. Gave rise to a sense of freedom of particular relevance to the surrounding space, formed a whole new world open, gave rise to a deep interest in the world.

Civil society represents a different kind of cultural, national, labor, territorial and other unions, associations and communities, which operate on the basis of real self. We know from history, that the Kazakh village at one time there was a kind of self-governing institutions, which coexisted alongside the traditional power and formed as a result of the election of its members of the community "elder", to solve various issues of joint life tribesmen. It should be noted that in this modern form of self-government researchers see a grain of truth and the possibility of its application in modern society.

The process of establishing democratic institutions of civil society is impossible without the formation of common Kazakh patriotism, based on the consolidation of a national idea, which has deep roots in the culture, psychology and historical past of all Kazakhs. In traditional Kazakh society were also strong values ​​such as love for his native land, her worship and respect, respect for elders.

Among the unifying values ​​we inherited from the past, are of particular importance values ​​interethnic and interreligious harmony and socio-political stability. They represent one value basis multiethnic Kazakhstan society, in conjunction with which it is possible deepening of democratic values ​​in Kazakhstan, and based on them should be formed civil society institutions.

Religious tolerance, lack of religious fanaticism and aggression in the historical traditions of Kazakh people, respect for the spiritual freedom of other peoples - the good and important value that is important to adopt for the development of productive dialogue between religions and recognition of religion as an essential element of civil society.

Thus, the revival of the lost in the period of totalitarianism Kazakh culture and spirituality, and other peoples, the development of the Kazakh philosophy in connection with the universals of traditional culture in the context of social and political transformation play an important role in providing spiritual freedom and independence of Kazakhstan in the context of global development, they are important for the growth of national consciousness, consolidation of the people, national and cultural identity of the people.

In this book, written on the basis of individual recycled articles, interviews and other materials in the Kazakh and Russian languages, states that the critical development of the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Kazakh people in the process of reforming the system of Kazakhstan in the era of globalization, reappraisal of our country from the perspective of constructing Kazakhstani model civil society and the welfare state. Dialogue with the values ​​of the past is an important means of strengthening cultural and spiritual security in the post-crisis Kazakhstan global relations.

It describes the rationale and a new system of values ​​in the process of formation and development of independent Kazakhstan. Particular attention is paid to the independence of conceptual analysis as the main value of our state and the spiritual values ​​of Islam and Orthodox Christianity in the process of modernization and transformation of the modern Kazakh society.

This work does not attempt to complete coverage of all material and spiritual values ​​of independent Kazakhstan. The very name of the book talks about the need to study and develop a new system of individual values ​​in the process of building a new state, a new integrated outlook and new Eurasian integral philosophy of understanding.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the doctors of philosophy, professor E.E.Burovoy, S.E.Nurmuratovu, G.G.Solovevoy and scientific researcher A. Meyrmanovu. Moreover, express my deep gratitude to the head of Computer Publishing Center of our institute for quality training G.Nusipovoy manuscript of this book.

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