If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Mashgur Zhusip in publicism of M. Kozybayev

History has preserved the names of Kazakhstan extraordinary people who have been able to maintain the dignity and inner freedom, regardless of external conditions.

History has preserved the names of Kazakhstan extraordinary people who have been able to maintain the dignity and inner freedom, regardless of external conditions. They are mentioned in journalism, public figures, periodicals, popular memory. So, academician M. Kozybaev repeatedly turned to creativity Mashgur Zhusip Kopeev that emphasizes the importance of heritage thinker for national historical science. M. Kozybaev — author of more than 800 scientific and popular scientific works, including 30 monographs and more than 50 collective works, textbooks and teaching aids, honored worker of the Kazakh SSR (1986). In the same year he joined the main edition of the Kazakh Soviet Encyclopedia in the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnology, head of the department of historiography and source, and in June 1988, was unanimously elected Director of the Institute, where he worked until his death.

40 years out of 53 M. Kozybayev devoted to science. Academician of NAS of RK S. Zimanov said about him the following: «It is rare and original phenomenon- it is intellectual in the humanitarian sphere, the most volatile and unstable region of the spiritual life of society and the people».

Since the late 1980s — in the early 1990s, when the formation of a sovereign state of Kazakhstan, the growth of national consciousness of the people, the collapse of the Soviet state system and communist ideology radically changed the status of historical science in society, headed by Academician M. Kozybaev Institute has made a huge contribution to the development of topical problems in the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As a result, there was a failure from the ideologisation, Euro-centrism in the presentation and interpretation of facts and events, changed the methodology of historical research without the old narrow focus on class priorities and mono-party. The inescapable fact of the historical science of Kazakhstan was the principle: unity of the state, national and spiritual consent should be formed under the influence of in-depth study of historical processes.

Scientist-historian M. Kozybaev developed new approaches in the light of the key problems in the history of Kazakhstan, as the formation of the territorial integrity of the Kazakh state, the liberation struggle of the Kazakhs against Dzhungarian conquerors, the national liberation movement against the tsarist regime in 18th — beginning of 20th centuries, etc. For the first in historical science they developed the concept of the steppe civilization in Eurasia. Within the designated big goal, M. Kozybaev was deeply involved in resuscitation of creativity works of famous thinkers of the past.

In late 2000, Manash visited North Kazakhstan University, which bears his name today. The scientist took part in the plenary session and the work history section of the International Conference, listened attentively reports of young scientists. By the opening of the conference was timed presentation of the book «Elim-ai» Kazakh zhyrau of 18th century Kozhabergen, who was from the Northern Kazakhstan.

Academician M.Kozybaev also made great efforts to promote creativity of Mashgur Zhusip Kopeev in the media and scientific publications. The appeal of scientist to spirituality of predecessors, the colossal power of talented Kazakh zhyrau is deeply symbolic.

Late 80’s — early 90’s in the domestic historiography is known with deep study of the history of the national liberation movement, including those who led by Kenessary Kasymov, Zhanhozhi Nurmuhamedov, restoration of objective history of «Alash» movement and autonomy of Alash Horde.
Huge work led by M. Kozybayev was made to develop history of Kazak statehood, activity of Abylai khan, etc. The outcome of the scientific research was M. Kozybayev’s the books: «Istoria i sovremennost’», «Problemy otechestvennoi istorii: metodologiya, istoriagraphica i istochniki» in 2 volumes, «Zhaudy shaptym tu bailap», «Aktandaktar akikaty», «Dala orkenieti zhane ult», released in 1991–2001.
Academic M. Kozybayev’s merits in the development of national historical science, his productive, state and public activity awarded high state awards. For the monograph «Kazakhstan — arsenal fronta» in 1970, he was awarded the title of laureate named after Sh. Valikhanov.

He was awarded the State prize of peace and spiritual harmony for chain of works on topical problems of the History of Kazakhstan in 1995. He was honored worker of Science of Kazakhstan (1986), honored professor at Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim (1998), Karaganda State Medical Academy (1999), Kostanay State University named after A. Baytursynov (2001), University named after H. Dosmuhambetov and Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt-ata.

He was witty speaker, lively conversationalist and warm-hearted person. It combines high performance, independence of mind, the ability to find creative solutions to problems. The famous writer, public figure Gerold Belger said following about him: «He was one of those Kazakhs called „Segiz Kyrly“- octagonal. He was the historian from the God. The horizon of his interest and vision was unusually wide.
He analyzed everything through the prism of national identity. This chunky, impulsive and friendly azamat (citizen) had a magical gift to attract people». (From the memories of M. Kozybayev «Zhuldyzy zhangan gulama». A, 2003).

Poetic works of Mashgur Zhusip M.Kozybaev regards as both historiographical and source studies, as the native of Priirtysh painstakingly collected, recorded and analyzed the texts of the epic, folklore and sayings of Kazakh zhyrau. Genuine interest in the national property, a comparative study of the factual part of the texts brought to Zhusip Kopeev fame as expert of the past.

Native talent of Zhusip Kopeev, extraordinary personality, social behavior charisma actually contributed to the rising popularity of historical songs, poems, among the inhabitants of the North-East Kazakhstan. M. Kopeev is for the sure enlightener and promoter of folk art.

In the early 20th century treasury of wisdom, clear and understandable edifying words fueled the brightest group of public figures and statesmen of Kazakhstan. Myrzhakyp Dulatov, for example, sincerely glad that the Kazakh people have a decent master of words, including Abay, Mazhgur Zhusip, Shozhe, Orynbai, Kypshakbaya and Nurjan.

In the famous book «Oyan Kazakh!» addressed to compatriots, Dulatov listed these authors, as the pride of the nation, «Oraldan Abubakir molla shykty, Ombydan Kypshakbayday zhorga shykty. Torgayda Akmolla men Nurjan zhatyr, Shozhe, Orynbai, Mashgur Zhusip shykty oda shykty».
Other figures of «Alash» quoted in their writings and oral presentations instruction Kazakh zhyrau, taking as examples the life biography of batyrs and biy. Historical chain of temporary connections did not interrupted due to asceticism of Zhusip Kopeev.

Academician M. Kozybayev in the book «Zhaudy shaptym tu bailap» gives fragment from M. Zhusip’s four-volume manuscript «Mes», dedicated to the famous Buhar zhyrau. Mashgur Zhusip noted on it that Buhar zhyrau in the public had the nickname «Komekey aulie» due to special feature of his speech. For the first time on this interesting observation Mashgur Zhusip academician Kozybayev wrote in the newspaper «Kazakh adebieti» in 1993.

Despite the fact that the heritage of Bukhara zhyrau today reached only 1300 lines Mashgur Zhusip once praised the work of the poet-improviser. Particularly, as historian M.Kozybaev emphasized, he compared the value of the products Buhar Zhyrau with the writings of Plato and his meaningful life — the life of the biblical Noah. This is the deserved score of predecessors’ merit by descendants which represents the range of the soul Mashgur Zhusip.

In recent years in academic and special literature there is growth in the activity of researchers in terms of popularization of Kazakh zhyrau, poets, philosophers, novelists, undeservedly erased from the annals of history and literature, and culture of Central Asia. This is a sign of objectivity of the process of cognition, as modern spiritual processes are not possible without reconstruction traditionally acceptable priorities, without reviving the best examples of civic consciousness and social behavior.

In this aspect, the works of academician M.Kozybaev had been played and still play a role in the rise of the modern spiritual strips of Kazakh society, because they are based on a high intellectual and spiritual baggage. As a pioneer in some way, his beginnings he managed to «stake out» interesting stories in the thematic diversity of national historical science. Among them — creativity of Mashgur Zhusip, evaluated at that time by the leaders of «Alash».

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G. Mukanov
(NKSU named after academician M. Kozybayev, Petropavlovsk)