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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Report on archaeological exploration in the North Kazakhstan and Akmola regions


North Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybayev)

Mounds with "mustache" of Ural-Kazakhstan steppes represent amazing architectural structures steppe population of Eurasia. It seems that, information about them, received today and systematized in the pages of various scientific publications, is far from complete. Perhaps, improvement of the methods of investigation of such complexes will allow fellow archeologists, historians, architects and astronomers obtain incomparably great mysteries of these amazing objects of ancient history.  

In the period from 12 to 26 July 2010, there was short time an archeological expedition to identify new archaeological sites of early Iron Age in the North Kazakhstan region (Ualikhanov district) and Akmola region (Yenbekshilder and Akkol areas). Archaeological exploration led by the scientific researcher of Saryarka expedition of the Institute of Archaeology named after A.Margulan (A.Z.Beysenov the head of the expedition) and B.A.Kaliev, teacher NKSU named after M. Kozybayev. Squad: 4 people in one car.

The work was conducted under a state license issued by the Institute of Archaeology named after A.Margulan Committee of Culture, Ministry of Culture and Information under the number 0078371 from 28.03.08, and on the basis of Open sheet issued by the chief of the expedition Saryarka Ph.D. A.Beisenova.

During archeological research in this area have been inspected archeological objects of Early Iron Age (mounds with a mustache), which were discovered earlier.  

Also have been found and fixed the new monuments of Early Iron Age (mounds with a mustache). The head of the exploration group is responsible for obtained data.