If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The unique museum in Kazakhstan

The unique Museum of History of Kazakhstan’s science allows to get into the history of origin, formation and evolution of national science from the period of Middle Ages to the present day.

Museums of the RSE «Gylym Ordasy» of SC MES RK are among unique museums which by right are a pride of our country.

The building hosting the Museum of Nature, Museum of Archeology, Museum of Rear Books and Museum of History of Kazakhstan’s science is a historical heritage itself.

The Museum of History of Kazakhstan’s science, which is absolutely unique in the Republic of Kazakhstan, allows Almaty inhabitants and city guests to get into the history of origin, formation and evolution of national science from the period of Middle Ages to the present day.

Creation of the museum was determined by the objective need to analyze and summarize the history of national science. Materials on life and work of several generations of scientists are kept here.

The museum exposition is presented in two halls; the first one tells about the origin of scientific knowledge in Kazakhstan, formation of science before the beginning of the XX century. Invaluable works of the prominent thinkers of ancient Kazakh land such as Al-Farabi, Mahmoud Kashkari, Zhusup Balasaguni, Mohammed Khaydar Dulati, Kadyrgali Zhalayri, Ahmed Yasawi and so on are kept here.

It is known that many outstanding Russian scientists, dedicated their life to the study of the Central Asia and Kazakhstan, made large contribution to the evolution of Kazakhstan’s science. The separate exposition of works on the history and culture of Kazakh nation is devoted to such historians as N.Ya. Bichurin, G. I. Spassky, A. I. Levshin, v. V.Veliyaminov-Zernov, v. V. Grigoriev.

Undoubtedly, the following great scientists-enlighteners: A. Kunanbayev, I. Altynsarin, Sh. Valikhanov played important role in scientific, educational and cultural life of Kazakhs. The separate exposition is dedicated to these giants of scientific knowledge.

The second hall at the museum tells about the evolution of Kazakhstan’s science during the Soviet period. The main scientific achievements of 60-90s of XX century are presented here. Visitors have a possibility to learn the history of formation of the Academy of sciences of the Kazakh SSR.

One of the showcases is devoted to its first President (1946–1952, 1955–1964) Kanysh Imantayevich Satpayev who was a founder of Kazakhstan’s science, prominent public figure and statesman, world famous scientist, founder of Kazakhstan’s School of Geology, first discoverer of Zhezkazgan copper deposit in Kazakhstan. The exposition contains main works of K. I. Satpayev, including Algebra tutorial for Kazakh schools published in 1924.

At the present time the museum staff work on the creation of hall dedicated to the most important achievements of science of sovereign Kazakhstan. The exposition will develop with the time and with new discoveries will be enriched by fresh exhibits.

Historical heritage of Kazakh land is rich and unique. The history of our ancestors is worth to be proud of. That is why it is not enough to learn it only by school books. And it is impossible to describe all national property which is still kept an the museum of Gylym Ordasy.

Once visited these temples of history, you will wish to do it again with the aim to touch the past, trace the evolution of life and social order in their native country.

Botagoz Kydyrmanova,

Senior Specialist of the RSE «Gylym Ordasy»