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Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Expert opinion – A. Tasbulatov

Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Expert opinion – A. Tasbulatov - e-history.kz
On November 11, 2014 the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev delivered a message to the people of Kazakhstan and announced new economic policy of the state named “Nurly Zhol – Way to the Future”.

Web portal e-history. kz prepared a number of exclusive interviews with scientific intellectuals about his new address to the people of Kazakhstan.


Abay Tasbulatov — Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Member of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security, President of the Republican Public Association “Academy of Military Sciences”.

Every year he President’s address to the Kazakh people is the main document aimed at improvement of social and economic potential of the country.

The address informs about positive changes in our country and further work in this sphere. In fact, the message to the people of Kazakhstan is a document aimed at improvement of social and living conditions in our country. I was glad to hear what our President said about improvement of social situation in the country. To overcome the influence of current world financial crisis the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan intensified its efforts, while the Parliament revised the republican budget for 2015 and made some amendments.

Due to lower export resources process the income has decreased. Therefore, in our country gearing of economic policy for the long term is conducted. We know that the money from raw material processing was sent to the National Fund. The President noted that the assets of this fund should be used solely for economic development of the country and improvement of the people’s welfare. These assets are intended to be used for economic improvement and development of transport, industrial, and social infrastructure, as well as small and medium-size enterprises. On the eve of the EXPO-2017 it is necessary to think about development of transport infrastructure in Astana. As we know, the maximum capacity of Astana airport is 3,5 million people.

Astana is a city of Kazakhstan’s future. This is a cultural, scientific and educational center, capital of our independence. Today works on preparation to the EXPO-2017 are ongoing.

It is very difficult to maintain independence. This is a goal which makes patriotic feeling of all citizens stronger; this is a fact which connected with historical truth; this was a dream of many nations...

Our President thinks about it regularly.

At the same time the President focused on the problem of housing facilities development. It is necessary to revise our steps on rental house market. We have various methods to make housing facilities affordable.

In our country we have a special method in this area — cumulative mortgage of the Zhilstroisberbank. Today we need other steps. The state will construct social rental housing facilities which will be rented with the opportunity of further buyout.

According to the President, within the frameworks of new program housing facilities will be sold at the lowest credit rates and without intermediaries. Loan servicing fees will be 1-2%. Due to the program housing will become cheaper. Nursultan Nazarbayev informed that 180 billion tenge will be granted for constructing rental housing. So many people were glad to have a new opportunity to purchase their own property without initial contribution.