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Judaism history in Kazakhstan


From history it is known that in the steppe regions of Eurasia the Judaism originally extended in the Hazaria khaganate. This religion was accepted by limited group of the Hazaria aristocracy led by the governor. There are historical data on resettlement in the XIV century of Jews from Persia to Turkestan. Besides, at the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX centuries in the territory of Kazakhstan there were the Jewish handicraftsmen moving from the European part of imperial Russia. Mass inflow of the Jewish population to the republic was noted in the 30-40th of the XX century. Jews were compelled to move to Kazakhstan because of Stalin repressions.

The first synagogues appeared in Kazakhstan even before revolution. Oldest of them remained in Semipalatinsk. It is known that it existed less than 20 years, from 1913 to 1932. In 2003 believers celebrated the 90 anniversary of a synagogue.

Now synagogues work in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Petropavlovsk, Pavlodar and other large cities of the country. Opening in 2004 in Astana the synagogue largest in Central Asia "Beyt Rakhel – Habad Lyubavich" in which took part the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, delegations from Israel, the USA, a number of the countries of Europe and the CIS, became an important event in life of Jews of Kazakhstan.

For October 25, 2012 there passed a re-registration 4 Judaic communities. Since 2002 in Kazakhstan the newspaper "Crazy" (the founder – the Jewish congress of Kazakhstan) is issued. Ancient Jewish holidays are annually widely celebrated.

Among followers of a Judaism of Kazakhstan the Euroasian congress of the rabbis which meetings take place in the large cities of the CIS including in Almaty has considerable influence. The congress participates in strengthening of an interfaith consent and coordination of activity of religious Jewish communities.

In the republic all main directions of a modern Judaism that is caused by strengthening of international relations both with Israel, and with the USA now are presented. The long-term coexistence of Muslims and Jews on the earth of Kazakhstan is a positive example of an interfaith consent.

Representatives of a Judaism took part in work of all four congresses of leaders of world and traditional religions in Astana. In particular, the main ashkenaziysky rabbi of Israel of Jón Metsger, the main sefardsky rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar, and also the main rabbi of Kazakhstan Eshaya Kogen participated in work of a forum.

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