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The Constitution of the USSR was adopted in 1936. The conversion of the Kazakh ASSR into the Union Republic.

The Constitution of the USSR was adopted in 1936. The conversion of the Kazakh ASSR into the Union Republic. - e-history.kz
The Constitution of 1936 legislate the creation of the Union Republics that were part of the USSR. Originally, there were 4 Republics within the USSR (1922) (RSFSR, Ukraine, Belarus and the Transcaucasian Federation). In 1936 there were already 7 Union Republics. And according to the Constitution of 1936 – 11. The Kazakh SSR was formed among the others. J. Stalin highlighted 3 main features (conditions), the presence of which will give the opportunity to convert the Autonomous Republics into the Union Republics: · The republic should be located in the outskirts of the USSR, and should not be surrounded by the territory of the USSR in order to have the opportunity to put the question of its secession from the USSR while still being a part of the union. · Theindigenous population of the Soviet Republic should prevail within the territory of this Republic · The Republic should not be very small in terms of its population, not less than a million people, in order to protect the national independence The draft of the Constitution of the Kazakh SSR was discussed on February-March 1937. The Special Congress of Soviets of Kazakhstan approved the Constitution of the Kazakh SSR on March, 26 1937. The social structure: Article 1. The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic is a socialist state of workers and peasants. Article 2. The political foundation of the Kazakh SSR is based on the Soviet Deputies of Workers. Article 3. The economic basis of the Kazakh SSR is the socialist economic system and the socialist ownership of tools and means of production. Article 4. The Socialist property in the Kazakh SSR has either a form of a state property (the weal of the whole people), or the form of the collective farm property (the property of collective farms, the property of cooperative societies). The State structure: The Kazakh SSR voluntarily merged with other equal republics. The Kazakh SSR ensures the human rights instead of the Soviet Union, represented by its highest bodies of state authority; the rights are defined in the Article 14 of the Constitution of the USSR. The highest agencies of State power of the Kazakh SSR. The Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR is the highest agency of state authority in the Kazakh SSR; it is elected for 4 years. The Supreme Soviet elects the Presidium and forms a government - TRC, which is the highest executive and administrative agency of state power. The local authorities: The Soviet Deputies of Workers are the main public authorities in the regions, towns and villages. The Executive committees are the main executive bodies of the Soviet. The democratic rights and freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution. It pointed to the remnants of the past.