If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Today in history

On July 19, 2005 the foundation of the memorial complex of K.I. Satpayev was laid

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In 2012 was held the 4th Congress of World and Traditional Religions

In 2012 was held the 4th Congress of World and Traditional Religions - e-history.kz
Over 9 years of the history, the Congresses of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions always conducted at the peak of complex global processes. Nursultan Nazarbayev states about this during the 4th international spiritual forum in Astana. «The first congresses, as you remember, were organized as a response to the threat of a clash between religions, use of religion for sinister purposes of international terrorism and extremism», — N. Nazarbayev reminded. According to him, the previous 3rd congress was held in the midst of the most powerful global financial and economic crisis. «The current forum, we also conduct at a crucial time for the whole world. The global transformation of the world order has started. Humanity, in fact, is going through a systemic crisis. The global recession, which has appeared on the doorstep of the world, threatening many societies massive social explosion. Today, among more than one billion unemployed in the world, half of them are young people who are well-educated», — said Nursultan Nazarbayev.