If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

This day in history

Bapiuly Madi, the Kazakh poet, composer and singer was born

The first official visit of N.Nazarbayev, the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation was

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The first issue of the weekly newspaper “Zhas kayrat” was released 91 years ago

The first issue of the weekly newspaper "Zhas kayrat" was released 91 years ago. It was published in Orenburg and then in Kyzylorda. The news about youth organs was published in the section "Kazakhstan Youth". Rubric "Tani saudyn — zhany sau" was devoted to medicine and sport. On September 11, 1926 it was transformed to the newspaper of the Kazakhstan local and youth committee of the Syrdarinsky province. It was closed on October 30, 1926.