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20 April

20 April 1937

In 1937 Balkhash obtained the status of the city

78 years ago Balhash (Karaganda region) obtained the status of the city. Formation and development of the city became was the result of detection of rich deposits of copper ore in 1928.


20 April 1930

In 1930 by the decision of Joint State Political Directorate (JSPD) more than 20 members of Alash movement were repressed

85 years ago by the decision of JSPD more than 20 members of Alash movement led by Mukhamdezhan Tynyshpayev, Mukhtar Auezov, Ualikhan Omarov, Bilyal Suleev, Alimkhan Yermekov were released, considering the prison terms during preliminary investigation.