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Auezova Leyla Mukhtarovna

  • First name
  • Auezova Leyla Mukhtarovna
  • Line of activity/Occupation
  • Scientists, researchers
  • Birthday
  • 1929
  • Deathday
  • 1993
Historian, specialist in the study of life and work of the writer M.O.Auezov, she studied his scientific and research activities, engaged in propaganda of achievement of Kazakh Soviet literature.

Auezova Leila Muhtarovna was the historian, specialist in the study of the life andwork of the writer M.O.Auezov. She studied his scientific and research activities, engaged in propaganda of achievement of Kazakh Soviet literature. She had Ph.D in history (1958) and doctor of historical sciences (1975).

(1952)—she graduated Eastern department of the history faculty of Moscow state university named after M.V. Lomonosov;

(1955) post-graduate Institute of Oriental Studies;

(1956) — worked in the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR in the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography named after Sh. Valikhanova.

(1962) — worked at the Institute of Literature and Art of M.Auezov, was the head of Literary and Memorial House-Museum of M.Auezov.  

She spent most organizational and methodological work on creating the first Literary and Memorial museum of M.Auezov composed of the Academy of Science of Kazakh SSR, which became an important center not only for study of the life and work of the writer, collecting, studying scientific publications of his works, but also to promote the achievements of Kazakh Soviet literature. She contributed to the establishment of a new branch of the Kazakh literary called “Auezovedenie”.

In 1980, for the book “Problems in the history of Kazakhstan at M.Auezov’s work” and series works about the writer’s work she was awarded Sh.Valihanov’s prize of Academy of Science of Kazakh SSR.

Leila Auezova participated in the preparation and publishing of the first collected works of M. Auezov in 5 volumes in Russian at publishing house “Fiction” in Moscow. She also took part in collecting the 20-volume collected works of the writer in the Kazakh language, the publication of a number of previously unknown works of the writer, collections of contemporary memoirs about him to create a bibliographic index to his work and so on.

Major scientific works:

·  Sh.Valihonov selected work, Alma-Ata: Kazakh state literature publication, 1958. 643 pages (One of the comp.)  

·  Sh.Valihonov collected works in 5-volumes, Alma-Ata: published by Academy of Science of Kazakh SSR, 1961. Volume 1, 1962, volume 2 (One of the comp.)

·  Bibliographic Index on M. Auezov’s work, Alma- Ata: “Science”, 1972. Volume 1, 254 pages (in Kazakh and Russian lang.), (Responsible ed., one of the comp., author foreword).

·  Mukhtar Auezov in the memoirs of contemporaries, Alma- Ata: “Writer”, 1972. 359 pages (One of the comp. member of the editorial board, author’s article and comments).

·  Mukhtar Auezov, Collection of works in 5-volumes: Fiction, 1973-1975 (One of the comp., member of editorial board, author of article and comments).

·  Our Mukhtar: (Memories of M.Auezov), Alma-ata: “Writer”, 1976. 431 pages (in Kazakh lang.), (Author’s comments).