National Archive of Kazakhstan receives historic manuscripts

10 August 2013
National Archive of Kazakhstan receives historic manuscripts
The correspondence of the Turkish emperors with the Kazakh khans will be transferred to the National Archive of Kazakhstan, director general of the National Archive Marat Absemetov told in his intervi

According to him, some pieces of the correspondence have already been delivered from Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Egypt. “Presently, we receive documents regarding the history of Kazakhstan from the national archives of France and Spain. The archive of Istanbul hands over the correspondence of the Turkish emperors and the Kazakh khans. Besides, one of the Turkish scientists hands over 250 letters of Mustafa Shokai. We also sent our scientists to China. We try to find scripts and closely cooperate with the local population. One of the recent discoveries was a manuscript of Shakarim Kudaiberdiyev. We also try to make the archive available for people and make digital analogues of all the materials except for those that have security labels,” Absemetov said.

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