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24 November

24 November 1880

The birthday of Gulsum Asfendiyarova, public figure and one of the first women to become a doctor in Kazakhstan

The birthday of Gulsum Asfendiyarova, public figure, one of the first women to become a doctor in Kazakhstan. Asfendiyarova Gulsum was a doctor, the delegate of the All-Russian Congress of Turkestan Muslims in Kazan, a member of the Central Interim Organizational Bureau of Muslims in Russia.

The Kazakh women were able to receive a medical degree in St. Petersburg, at the beginning of the XX century. Among them — the first Kazakh woman doctor, Gulsum Asfendiyarova. She graduated from the Women’s Medical Institute in St. Petersburg.

She participated in the All-Russian Congress of Turkestan Muslims in Kazan, as a delegate from Turkestan. At the congress she was elected to the Central Bureau of Muslimsin Russia.

24 November 1854

In 1854 Vernyi fortress was based

Vernyi – oblast city of Semirechensk oblast located at the river Almatinka near northern foot of Zailiisk Ala Tau, it was founded for the defence from raids of mountainous Kara-Kirgizs, at the location of being here before the settlement of Alma-Aty (Yablonnoe). The castle was first administrative center of Alatau region Semipalatinsk oblast, but with the institution of Turkestan military district and formation of Semirechensk oblast was formed into administrative center of oblast and got the name of the city of Vernyi.

24 November 2008

In 2008 on the initiative of PDP “Nur Otan“ was founded LLP “Nur Media”

In 2008 on the initiative of PDP „Nur Otan“ was founded Limited Liability Partnership “Nur Media”.

State license of judicial person on the number 240061901-TOO was issued on 25 November 2008. In the LLP there are the newspapers with weekly circulation of 440 000 items: “Country and world”, “Dala men kala”, “Aikyn”, “Liter”, “Nur Astana”, “Izvestiya-Kazakhstan”, “Turkistan” and “Kazakstan temirzholshysy”, also popular TV channel “Astana”, having republic coverage, radio-stations “NS” and “Delovaya volna” FM. The priority task of “Nur Media” is truthful and objective reflection of Kazakhstan reality, news of political, economic and cultural spheres of our country life, participation in socially oriented projects, directed at the improvement of the surroundings and prosperity of all Kazakhstani people.