If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Daut Asauuly

Name Daut Asauuly
Famous warrior, hereditary bii and governor of tribe, organisor of liberation fight against colonial politics of tsarist Russia.

Daut Asauuly (1787-1874) was the famous warrior, hereditary bii and governor of tribe, organisor of liberation fight against colonial politics of tsarist Russia.In 1822-1826, he participated in anti-colonial fight led by Zholaman Tlenshiuly. In 1855-1856, together with famous warrior Eset Kuterbaruly organized major rebellion against tsarist government. In 1855, at the head of one thousand warriors he made an unsuccessful attempt to kill the sultan and governor of Central Asian Kazakhs of Orenburg department. In the same year his wife, son, daughter and close relative of Daut were captured by tsarist authorities and given to police surveillance. In 1856, he was forced to swear fealty to the tsarist government. In 1869, during rebellion in West Kazakhstan 80 years old Daut Asanuly again stood on path of armed fight. He became one of the main inspirer of this rebellion.

Daut was the continuator of the heroic traditions of his father. He passing through the north of the river Jem, Sagyz to Edil, Zhaiyk, on a hill in the south and Magystau Beskala passed the roads, which were guarded by ancestors. If rely on real data, Daut with Eset Koibarovich fought for the freedom of the Kazakh people. Daut Asauuly, as well as kept calmness and unity of the people to solve problem, that have been among the people calm and intelligent, he was also bek which united auyl. The writer Galim Akhmedov’s also known as scientist has novel "On the river shall show". This novel based on materials stored in the Russian Museum about the data of Dau’s power among the people.

Died in 96 years in 2002, writer-scientist Galim Akhmedov wrote in his novel: “in my novel “On the river Jem” written about the rebellion of Eset, provides examples taken from the archive and if it necessary they can be compared with the documents in the Archive”.

Given information about Daut and Eset warrior written in the novel are historical data.In this essay Daut is the protagonist of the hectic events described as national liberation rebellion. According to historical data only his name became banner for the rebels. During his lifetime he was added to the saints. Thus Daut Asauuly died fought for the people and land. He was buried on the top of Beskalam near the town Konyrat in Beskale.