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The story of one photo. Mazhit Mursalimov

The story of one photo. Mazhit Mursalimov - e-history.kz

My grandfather Mursalimov Mazhit was called up for military service upon the completion of 10th grade in the Kazakh School-Commune of Petropavlovsk where he studied since 4th grade. After serving in the army in Leningrad he intended to return home, but in November 1939 the Winter War started, then in June 1941 the Great Patriotic War. In fact, that became the crucial moment in his fate already closely connected with the fight for the liberation of his motherland from enemy forces. 


From private life

My grandfather was born on  8 July (13 May), 1919 in the aul Bostandyk, Mamlut district, North Kazakhstan region. In the family there were four children and all of them — boys, parents — father Mursalim (died in 1933) and mother Magripa — a daughter of Bekpen khodzha (died in 1935). 

His wife — Mursalimova Kusni. Raised 8 children, my father Mutallat Mursalimov — the eldest among brothers. 




With his spouse Kusni Mursalimova With his sons. 




The eldest Mutallat Mursalimov (right on the 1st row), youngest son Samat Mursalimov (right on the 2nd row), middle one Aset Mursalimov (left on the 2nd row) 


From life in the service

Main civil specialty — a teacher. He studied at Karaganda Pedagogic Institute, Sumy Higher Artillery Command twice Military School named after M.V. Frunze (SVAKDKU). After coming back to the homeland and up to 1979 worked as a teacher of primary classes, the Russian language, took the administrative position and retired at Bostandyk Secondary School. 

Was a nonparty man, did not participate in the Komsomol or VLKSM. 

My grandfather was called up for functioning military service and sent to the unit on 27 December, 1939. He took the oath on 23 February, 1940 in 31st reserve rifle regiment. 

From June 1941 to October 1944 he served in the 270th rifle regime as the artillerist-gun layer of mortar guns 152-mm, junior sergeant reserved, participated in the defense of Leningrad. Along with local residents, he suffered from mass shortage of provisions, in the minutes of desperation he swallowed ground in order to satiate severe hunger. 

15 February, 1943 he was seriously wounded in the right elbow, and with the bullet in the arm my grandfather lived till the end of his life as because after the operation planned the bullet could reach the heart. I am not superstitious but I believe the gift from the lady-fellow villager Zhamal in the form of the amulet with a written on it sura from the Koran in Arabic played its role and defended him from death. 




On the right — grandfather Mazhit Mursalimov (1940 y.), in the centre — his friend and comrade-in-arms Zhumai Zhaparovich Ospanov 




In the centre — grandfather Mazhit Mursalimov at after-war time, on the left — the middle brother Khamit (was born in 1921 y.), on the right the youngest brother Uakhit (was born in 1924 y.) 


Mazhit Mursalimov was the second among brothers after the eldest brother Bayazit who died in 1937 at the age of 25 from appendicitis. Khamit and Uakhit also participated in the Great Patriotic War. 20 January, 1946 my grandfather was awarded the Medal «For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945», also the Medal «For courage», «50 years of Armed Forces of the USSR», Order Medal «25 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War», the Medal of the Marshall of the Soviet Union Zhukov G.K. The military card he got on 18 June, 1964. 









My grandfather had lived till 84 years, died suddenly, being not ill a day in his life. He was always modest, loved children much, in feedback children loved and respected him. His pupils still remember their Teacher with warmth and gratitude. 

In honour of eternal memory of my dearest grandfather Mazhit Mursalimov I participated in the «Immortal Regiment» Procession on 9 May, 2016 in Astana. 




My family and I remember the heroic exploit of my grandfather and his blood brothers. Hold in veneration before them. Revere them.