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The story of one photo. Zhupan Tazhimbetov

The story of one photo. Zhupan Tazhimbetov - e-history.kz


June 03, 2015 

May 9th is the holiday of the Great Victory and in 2015 we celebrate 70th anniversary of it.

Bravery of our grandfathers who shedding the blood for the sake of the Victory, protected our country from the enemy, will never be forgotten.

With pride I can tell that my grandfather Zhupan Tazhimbetov— the veteran of the Great Patriotic War. The stories that my grandmother told me about grandfather and his feats will forever remain in my memory.

My grandfather Zhupan went to the front on May 24, 1942 from the city of Aral. Soldiers within three months had military training in Chelyabinsk, and after were allocated to their fronts. The wagon of the train in which my grandfather went to the front, came from the city of Red Kut through Astrakhan to Stalingrad.. The train got under attack, soldiers once began to jump out outside. Some time they went across the territory adjacent to Volga. And later on the barge got over on other side of the river.

My grandfather got to 38th shooting division. Parts of a division due to the close location to Stalingrad, directly participated in the Battle of Stalingrad. On September 8, 1942 he participated in battles on the forefront. Although losses of our army in that fight were great our troops managed to reflect many heavy attacks of the opponent.

... Early in the morning on September 30 the launched missile gave a signal of attack. At first the artillery, then tanks and at the end there were infantrymen. Around the steppe, Germans shoot, for movement forward or retreat was not any opportunity therefore we had to lie down in entrenchments which were left by the enemy at retreat. Surrounding was only steppe, German shot, there was no opportunity to move forward and step back therefore they had to lie down in the trenches, which left the enemy in retreat. Entrenchments were narrow, also there was no opportunity to dig because there was a change to come across the soldier’s grave. Only three persons survived this battle which lasted three days from a platoon. When the order was allowed to shoot at the tanks approaching on our troops, my grandfather Zhupan stumbled on the run.

When he woke up, he saw nurses around him and he understood that he was shot.
Meanwhile ne soldiers began to arrive to help. They tied up wounds. Those who were wounded not so hard, due to the lack of transport reached sanitary point independently. My grandfather was brought to Kamyshin where in the Kazan hospital he was 3 months.

After hospital he was assigned as mortar in the newly formed 33 brigade (Torzhok station, Moscow). And in February participates in battle at the forefront, he released the village Zhukov. Later he participated in the battle in Kalinin and North Kalinin of Kalinin area. The territory in which he had to battle, mainly was marsh, therefore their troop had work a lot to pave the way to military transport. After grandfather moved from 33rd to 319th division of 2nd Baltic Front and in the new division also defended the country.
On April 24, 1944 he was wounded second time and injury was on his left shoulder. For 4 months he was in hospital and after was at front as a part of 1st mortar company of 1344 regiment of 319th division. In October the division was included in structure of the 1st Baltic Front. At that time for good performance he was elected at first as the candidate for party and later in 1944 as the party member. He was twice awarded the medal "For Courage". 

... On May 9th grandfather came back from the front as disabled person of the second group.
... Listening memories of my grandmother about the war, looking at grandfather’s medals for bravery, I am proud that I am his descendant.

Araylym Tazhimbetova,

The city of Aral, Kyzylorda region,
Pupil of 11th grade of high school No. 83