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The story of one photo. Aryspay Kuanyshev

The story of one photo. Aryspay Kuanyshev  - e-history.kz

April 17, 2015 

Seventy years ago the world fully paid by deprivation and feats of people who lived in the forties. And it should be always valued as reminder to the world to remain it in peace. To remember each person who sacrificed his life four peaceful present and future.


Our family was not exceptional, certainly the war affected us. My uncle Aryspay Kuanyshev took part in liberation of Homeland.

Aryspay Kuanyshev was born on January 10, 1922, in the village Bulak, Alginsky district of Aktyubinsk area. The uncle went to the battlefield when he was only 19 years old. He was young and at this age he should have thought about future plan, but the war crossed out all dreams, except one — Victory. He had one aim — to protect Homeland!

My grandmother Zeynep told about my uncle, about his life during the war and how he was wounded, but survived.

Kuanyshev was fighter pilot. He destroyed a set of fascist planes. The uncle participated in war since June 25, 1941. Being at the front, in 1942 he studied pilot courses. He made and served 226 fighting departures. Aryspay was the "night lamp", he was very good at seeing and shoot. He was self-disciplined and demanded it from others. Among companions he was very sociable and had high authority. His comrades called him Boris.

In 1944, during performance of a fighting task, fascists lined Kuanyshev’s plane. His plane fell in the forest. He was unconscious due to injuries and was taken prisoner. In captivity the uncle got acquainted with the fellow soldier Nikolay Chasnyk.

From the very first days in captivity they thought about escape. The pilot decided to conduct undermining. They worked at night. Every 15 minutes each person who was already choking in the hole was pulled out and replaced by another. So after 26 long nights the undermining came to the end. Freedom was very close, but the person on duty noticed them at the wire and on the next day three people were beaten and shot, others sent to punishment cell.

Aryspay Kuanyshev and Nikolay Chasnyk left a punishment cell after 21 days, weakened, but still thinking of new escape.

This incredibly impudent escape happened in 1945. They managed to escape for 5 nights on 10 km from camp, but got caught. They were called for questioning and beaten on heads till they fall dead.

On the next morning fascists released the order: "To destroy prisoners of war Chasnyk and Kuanyshev, who several times tried to escape, through penal servitude in "Buchenwald". It meant the end! To all! But here Chasnyk and Kuanyshev meet the pilot Kirsh. He told them that in this camp there is the anti-fascist committee.

So on April 1st many starved by hunger people did not go to work. Fascists tried to fix situation. They felt that punishment was close. On April 11, the rebellion began communists Chasmyh, Kuanyshev and Kirch first began the revolt. On that day for the first time in the long terrible history of Buchenwald the song "International" was played in nineteen languages. Almost everybody left the camp. But on that day two friends got separated. On June 20, passing state test Kuanyshev reached 33 Guards aviation regiment, where he was considered dead.

After war Chasnyk desperately searched for the companion Aryspaya for 39 years. And the son Aryspaya Marat through the central television found father’s friend, but, unfortunately, the meeting of two friends was not happened as at that time my uncle died of a serious illness.

My uncle was awarded the two Order of Lenin, Orders of "the Red Banner of Labor", "Friendship of the People", "The Sign of Honor" and medals for the shown courage and heroism.

Aryspay Kuanyshev was famous economist and Doctor of Economics. From 1973 to 1983 he was the chairman of the board on studying of productive forces of Assembly of Kazakhstan.

After the war uncle entered the Geological Prospecting Institute into the city of Almaty. Then he defended dissertation. Thanks to persistent work and mind he became the candidate of geological sciences, the geologist, Doctor of Academy of Science of SSR, the corresponding member of Assembly of Science of Kazakhstan and winner of the State Award of Kazakhstan in 1976.

Later in Almaty he met his future wife and had two sons Marat and Rinat who as their father will be geologists.


In 1946-1949 there was a head of department of Stepnoy regional council of the Aktyubinsk area. Also he graduated All-Union correspondence Polytechnic Institute in 1964.

In 1951-1970 he was the engineer, the deputy manager of Aktyub — Oil and Gas exploration", the chairman of the City Council of the city Shevchenko, in 1970-1976 — the deputy academic secretary of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

My uncle used to write books. Also he has 44 scientific works which are devoted to studying of problems of economy of geological exploration works and also investigations of oil and gas. Among them — "Development of the oil-extracting industry of Kazakhstan" (1981), "The organization of work in construction of wells oil and gas in Kazakhstan" (1972). Kuanyshev’s development on the organization of drilling equipment is now applied in the oil and gas industry.

Aryspay acted as the initiator of expansion of a zone of a Karakul production in the republic and one of the first applied a method of artificial insemination of sheep, made a contribution to selection and improvement of the breed of Karakul of sheep.

On January 10, 1982 he celebrated his 60th anniversary. He was given the certificate of honor of the Supreme Council of KAZSSR.

In recent years he worked as the deputy of the West Kazakhstan geological management. Despite the serious illness which became a war echo, he did not cease to work for the good of the people. He died on July 19, 1983 in Almaty almost right after his 60th anniversary.

In Almaty celebrated 90 years since the birth of the geologist Aryspaya Kuanyshev recently. The street in Almaty is called by the name of Kuanyshev.

Recently in Almaty celebrated 90th anniversary of geologist Arypay Kuanyshev. There is the street named after him.

Memory about A. Kuanyshev as a man of principle, modest person and outstanding scientist forever remains in the hearts of all those who knew him and worked with him.

Anar Baymagambetova

Pupil of 6th grade of school No. 1,
Badamsha village of Aktyubinsk region