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60th anniversary of famous historian Burkitbay Ayagan

60th anniversary of famous historian Burkitbay Ayagan - e-history.kz
Today is the 60th anniversary of the Doctor of historical sciences, Professor of history, the Associate Professor of political science and famous academician Burkitbay Ayagan.

His fundamental and applied researches and scientific works have been made significant contribution to the modern development of Kazakhstan’ historical and political science.

Its basic and applied researches, scientific works made the significant contribution to the modern development of the Kazakhstan historical and political science.

Web portal "History of Kazakhstan" E-history.kz congratulates him and wishes strong health and further achievements in the work!

Burkitbay Ayagan — the Doctor of historical sciences, Professor of history, the Associate Professor of political science, the Academician of Academy of sociology of the Republic of Kazakhstan and "the Kazakh Academy of Education", the outstanding scientist who made a powerful contribution to development of the modern Kazakhstan historical and political science.

B. Ayagan is known as the author more than 300 works and scientific articles, among which textbooks for high schools and higher education institutions, monographs, encyclopedias, popular scientific publishing. His scientific works were published in republican and international publications.

10 volumes of "Kazakh encyclopedia" in Kazakh language, 5 volumes in Russian and general volume in English languages were published under edition of B. Ayagan. He is one of the authors of 4-volums "The illustrated history of Kazakhstan".

He was awarded by the medals "10 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "For Labor Distinction» and "20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan". He also the owner of the medals "Publishing and polygraph figure", "Cultural figure" and golden medal of "Birlik" of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan.