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Exhibition of Berik Alibay Kazakh jeweler

Exhibition of Berik Alibay Kazakh jeweler  - e-history.kz
We went to the Palace of Independence to see the products of one of the most famous Kazakh jewelers.

In the hands of Berik Alibay the national culture turns into finest silver jewelry, weapons and clothing. His name is known abroad. Last year, he was awarded the Order of Carl Faberge for his contribution to the world cultural heritage.


Painting "Tree of Life." Precious stones, gold plated

Going to the exhibition of Berik Alibay’s jewelry, take your time and admire, as it is big enough. Products will take you back to hundreds of years, when the Kazakh beauties wore very unique pendant on the their hair, rings, bracelets, necklaces and men could not be seen without a strong leather belts decorated with silver gilt and sharp blades.



Silver always was the favorite materials for Kazakh jewelers. For Kazakhs, this metal has particular importance, as its gloss and color associated with the moonlight. Silver is the talisman of protection and purification.

«The most Kazakh stone is turquoise and coral, — says Tleukesh Zhaubasova, the leader and organizer of the exhibition galleries. Here you see the product, the elements of which are in the form of an eagle owl claws and hats decorated with feathers of this bird». From ancient time Kazakh esteemed owl as a sacred bird. This is probably due to the belief that the owl is awake at night and thus is able to protect people from evil spirits, operating mainly at night.


Pendant, ring and bracelet. Silver, gilding, turquoise and coral

The products of Berik Alibay represent the value not only in metal and stones, but they embody the best traditions of the Kazakh people. The main difference between Kazakh masters, for instance, from European not in demonstration of the wealth of the owner but empower products with the meaning and some magical properties. The most interest represents the women’s jewelry.

All of them were related to lifestyle, way of life, traditions and embodied the desire to perfect faith in the miraculous powers of nature that can protect against diseases, poverty and evil. They could tell a lot about their owner: age, social status and even the presence of children.


Temporal pendants, jewelry for braids


Pectoral decoration in this form called — Tumarsha

At the exhibition you can see «saukele» — the headdress of bride, made by the master for his daughter. It is the oldest and most beautiful headdress, also hand made. For this purpose were used the velvet, which were embroidered with gold, silver, pearls, covering the edges with expensive fur. It was believed that the higher the «saukele», the more respect for tradition was brought up girl.


Instruments of Berik’s father

He is not only a jeweler, but ethnographer, collector and restorer. Most part of the exhibition is household items and jewelry from a private collection, dating from 18th -20th centuries.


Copper jug


Gold-plated samovar inlaid with precious stones


Saddle with silver finish


Taquiya — headdress of unmarried girl


Belt of batyr (hero)

«It can be heard the tinkles of going woman» — described the outfit of Asian beauties one of the artists. Weight of decorations that the girl was dressed could reach three kilograms. Since the decorations became lighter and elegant.

Today, the interest in traditional style products continues to increase. It can be confirmed by splendor of Berik Alibay’s jewelry. Pendant in braids, certainly, is rare, but bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces are very popular among women of Kazakhstan. After all, nobody canceled the beauty and power of national ornaments.

The exhibition of jewelries of Kazakh masters will continue until December.

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Alena Demchenko