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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The Senior Political Leader of 106th Kazakh Cavalry Division

The Senior Political Leader of 106th Kazakh Cavalry Division - e-history.kz

In the Central Archives of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation it is hard to find information about 106th Cavalry Division, which was formed in the spring 1942 in Akmolinsk. In the first year of the way the division was surrounded by the German occupiers, and they took all of it documents. Therefore, information about Cavalry Division is very limited.

The destiny of Akmolinsk’s people that were part of the 106th Cavalry Division is still unknown.

Our people will never forget those who did everything to win. Among them was Sagadat Kulmagambetov who was elected as the second secretary of Party Committee of Akmolinsk region. To the front he went by his own initiative and was appointed as commander of the headquarters of the 106th Cavalry Division. In June 1942, the Division that was occupied by German near Kharkov experienced with bitter taste of war. The senior political leader S. Kumagambetov was killed in fierce fight. 

The grandson of the Hero Kanat set a goal to find the grave of his grandfather. He keeps in touch with those who deal with the search the name. Maybe this list will give any result? Yes, time is the judge for all, is not it? 



106th Kazakh Cavalry Division 

Among the documents of Sagadat Kulmagambetov there were a resolution for storage and carrying the revolver “Browning”. House warrant №324 of May 13, 1938 reveals that he was married to the Sharipzhamal, born in 1916, had two sons Kenes, 1935, and 11-month Muratbek. He was registered in Akmola city in Mirzoyan Street, the house № 92 with his father Mendykozha and mother Aisha. From March 29, 1938 to May 1 1939, he worked in the Committee of the Party of Akmola region. 

Later, on January 24, 1940, at a conference of the regional party, he was elected as the second secretary of the Regional Committee of the Party. 



Prescription signed by a senior political leader of the 106th Kazakh Cavalry Division Sagadat Kulmagambetova

S. Kulmagambetov’s fate forever related with the Great Patriotic War. He went to the front as a volunteer when German Nazi declared war on the Soviet Union.

The last letter, which was passed to the city archive by his grandson, was written on May 11, 1942. The address on the envelope is following: “The current Army, military mail, station 816, the political department”. Letters from cavalrymen came very rarely.

We have very little information about the Cavalry division, which was formed in spring 1942 in Akmolinsk. Up to now the division considered as missing. The names of the heroes who died for the victory and peace will remain forever in the memory of the people.

Miras Kusaynov,

Archivist of the highest category

State Archive of Astana city