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Nazism victims are not forgotten

Nazism victims are not forgotten  - e-history.kz
The Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan helped to get compensation from Germany by former war prisoners from Kazakhstan of the Second World war

More than 70 years since the end of the Great Patriotic War passed, but it is the echo of those events will echo in our society for long. For last years changed the attitude to many events of the past. For last years changed the attitude to many events of the past. Several scientists even started to deny the deeds of the Soviet soldiers. For instance, according to the opinion of the director of the State archive RF, doctor of historical sciences Sergey MIRONENKO there were no Panfilov’s 28 Heroic soldiers. All of that was made for the heroization of the Soviet soldiers and not more.

Germany does not waive the responsibility for the acts of its political heads, whose activity harmed the humanity. The Government of the FRG found correct to respect to people- victims of war, who suffered in Nazi concentration camps.

This initiative was supported by the Archive of the President RK. The Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in January 2015 started realizing the project “War prisoners of Kazakhstan in the Second World war: literature, sources and data base”.

In May 2015 by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany was decided the realization of humanitarian expenses in an amount of 2500 Euro by the former Soviet war prisoners being in German captivity in the years of the Second World war. By the Archive of the President RK was rendered help in the design of necessary documents for 10 Kazakhstani people who managed to find during the realization of scientific project.

This work was conducted by the Archive together with the State Archive in West-Kazakhstan oblast, Shymkent Regional State Archive.

At the present moment the residents of West-Kazakhstan and South-Kazakhstan oblasts Onaltay Adasov, Ospan Bekseitov, Mamytbai Zhanayev, Peter Krivko, Andrey Rudj, Sauranbayev Sherim, Auezkhan Shaidazimov got the compensation.

The Director of the Archive of the President RK Dzhaparov Boris Alikenovioch underlines that for the veterans who survived the enemy captivity the recognition of them as war veterans - participants in the Great Patriotic war is more important. The noble mission of the workers of the archive employees – worthy sample of responsibility of modern society and preservation of historical memory!


Material was presented by the Archive of the President RK

Translated by Malika MURSALIM

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