«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»
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In 50 km from the city of Kokshetau there is Zerenda settlement. Zerenda is the part of the extensive territory which is allocating with mountains and hills, covered with the wood, small lakes and the rivers which have settled down on the Kokshetausky height. For this area relative plains over which separate hills and mountain systems tower are characteristic. Places of the plain cross by valleys of the small rivers, deep canyons often breaking-through in the courses. Millions years the wind, a rain, a frost, and a heat here "managed". Once high mountains settled, cracked, showered. And now they look low, but very gentle, beautiful and attractive. Still from a distance at entry into Zerenda it is visible as through a bluish haze their bluish tops are cut.

The Zerendinsky natural oasis appears at you in all primitive beauty: blue tops of mountains, the emerald-green carpet of the wood stretched on many tens kilometers.

Zerenda - the lake of the huge sizes of a tectonic origin. The lake Zerenda characterizes high situation above sea level (370 m), a little cut up coastline with fine beaches and lonely trees seldom standing on them, mainly a pine. Lake bottom equal, sandy, places covered with pebble and separate boulders. Length of the lake is 7 km, depth is 6 km. Water in the lake fresh, transparent, in the summer water temperature reaches to 24 degrees Celsius. Such fishes are found in the lake as чебак, a ruff, a perch. Also here part пелядь, рипуса, a mirror carp. Zerenda is considered one of the most beautiful lakes of this edge. Zerenda is not only decoration of the nature, but also the favourite vacation spot.