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Kazakhstan and regional security: overview

Security issues in the Central Asia have a peculiar complex background. The region of Central Asia represents strategic geopolitics value.

Security issues in the Central Asia have a peculiar complex background. The region of Central Asia represents strategic geopolitics value. The region is situated on a joint of civilizations; the CAR is a subject of influence for many powers: Russia, the USA, the PRC, Iran, Turkey, the EU, etc.

Central Asian foreign policy vector, alongside questions of regional security maintenance, are one of the major items on the agenda in Kazakhstan’s strategy. Kazakhstan actively supports regional integration, which is determined by the group of different factors. Among these factors the important place is occupied by the question of national interests protection with the means of interstate security system. Our country possesses significant geopolitical characteristics, hence Kazakhstan’s positions on a number of the important regional and global international issues are correlated with positions of neighbors and leading powers.

Foreign policy initiatives of N. A. Nazarbayev on strengthening regional security due to its constructive content get the positive response from the world community.

The leading position of Kazakhstan invariably underlined during the summits of Central Asia states' heads and on the regional political elites meetings and also on negotiations with the leaders of the world powers, where usually discussed the situation in sphere of regional security, elimination of threats and management of challenges. Such estimations are based on the thought over and effective model of political and economic reforming conducted for years of independence, an active position of our country in maintenance of geopolitical forces and interests' balance in the Central Asia region, and also in promotion of peace and stability in the Asia

The important vectors of the Central Asia states' multilateral cooperation are political and economic relations with such large and influential states, as Russia and China. Taking into account the geopolitical arrangement and the advanced system of transport communications, Kazakhstan has become the binding bridge in expansion of interaction among the CA countries.

Now Kazakhstan successfully shows efficiency of the economic model generated in conditions of market relations, and stability of political system. At the same time the achieved result are not considered as the basic purpose, it is only the important stage on the way of building strong and prospering state.

The CA states more clearly feel necessity of the efforts consolidation in struggle against common security threats. Joint design of the measures directed on counteraction to the wide range of modern challenges is a basis of regional cooperation.

Distribution of stability challenges in the region has got long-term character. They have arisen because of difficulties both political systems transit period, and global geopolitical shifts in the world. The zones of political instability, latent and local conflicts in Afghanistan, Middle East, Transcaucasia, Northern Caucasus, and XUAR of the PRC surround the region.

The common security situation in the region is multifaced, there are a variety of problems which have not only external, but also internal dimension.

Makubayev Yu.

Master of Humanitarian Sciences